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  1. Yroc

    Ricoh / Xante Toner?

    FYI, the toners are not the same, so this will work as you are tricking the printer, but there may be long term problems running the wrong toner with the wrong settings. For example, with the Xante toner and software envelopes run a bit faster. A stock Ricoh 820 runs them considerably...
  2. Yroc

    Ricoh / Xante Toner?

    No. They are not swappable.
  3. Yroc

    Things to be aware of in contract leases?

    There are many options and variables to consider, but I'll throw in that getting a maintenance contract on a used printer is pretty hard and you usually pay quite a bit more for it. The sales people usually sell the contracts and the printers, and they are interested in selling you a new...
  4. Yroc

    Explosive rant

    Then you pull out your lease and realize you are paying more for your firey than your printer!!
  5. Yroc

    Leasing Return Nightmares

    Is return shipping usually in the lease agreement? I would make and offer and then tell them they can come pack it up and ship it, it's theirs now, why should you deal with that PITA?
  6. Yroc

    Watching the US wrastle with healthcare

    My 2 cents. I'm a print shop owner that couldn't afford obamacare unless I gave up all discretionary income, ie no weekend getaways, dirt bikes, fine dining, which I consider the only reason to be alive....I paid the $2500 a year penalty for 2 years and my healthy family of 5 lived on. Then...
  7. Yroc

    Making a Federal Case Out of Toner Cartridge Refills

    Yeah, I would think that the rooting/jailbreaking phones is already a precedent for this. You are allowed to do what you want with your phone, but you void your warranty....I believe this went to the supreme court as well.
  8. Yroc

    Making a Federal Case Out of Toner Cartridge Refills

    So lame. I would hope that we could at least retain the freedom to do what we want with the stuff we buy and own!! ...Welcome to america, you are free to do what we tell you...
  9. Yroc

    Ricoh / Xante Toner?

    The Impressia is a Ricoh C820DN. All ricoh parts work in it fine expect the toner. I too would like to know if there is a difference or not. I do know that the impressia toner is a 'fuse once' toner, so that could very well be the difference, as I've never seen anything about that claimed on...
  10. Yroc

    Xerox C560 Seems Slow

    Yeah, something's wrong. We always ran on Heavyweight 3 and would get 25 12x18 sheets per minute. That's simplex though as it can't duplex that thick. We did do a few heavyweight 1 jobs, and if I remember correctly, we would get 18, 12x18 sheets per minute. It's been a long time, so I hope...
  11. Yroc

    Meteor Digital Press....

    Yeah, pretty sure it's a C7000 engine. I looked at one a couple years ago, and the modifications they made to work to have the ability to print on the different substrates, but for us, it just made more sense to just buy it from Konica for much less...Side note about that, we bought a 1070...
  12. Yroc

    Recommend me quoting software

    Seems like there should be an excel file for this...or someone should make one. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, we just have an Impressia with and estimation feature, but it's basically a spreadsheet and is only as good as the values we enter...
  13. Yroc

    Envelope printing

    So those Impressia refills on eBay claim to be the exact same toner...that would be nice. But he says that he doesn't have any chips or a resetter, just that you can use it until the printer makes you stop....wonder when that is? If anyone has used this, I'm interested.
  14. Yroc

    Envelope printing

    It doesn't work. The chip is different and it won't accept it. BUUUT I heard that there is a setting in service mode that will allow you to use Ricoh toner. Unless you found a reseller that is resetting the Xante chips so that it will run. Remember that the Xante toner is fuse once, so your...
  15. Yroc

    Envelope printing

    Kringle, We started seeing the black edge on a job yesterday, so today I pulled the fuser to look at that tab you are talking about. I saw that it was just an extension, or tab that extends further up off that guide plate. When I went to remove the plate, I noticed that there are 2 slotted...
  16. Yroc

    Cheap Xerox 550 with Fiery, High cap feeder and light production finisher for sale

    FYI, This is an AMAZING little machine. We grew our business with ONE of these printers and went into a Xerox 1000 after it!! How crazy is that? I was also blown away, that while production is crazy fast on the 1000, the print quality on our 560 was on par with it....We even found a 350gsm...
  17. Yroc

    Envelope printing

    Okay, got me feeling good about our Impressia....we've had a few hiccups, but mostly it just runs and works well with great quality. We bought ours used with about 450K clicks on it, and we've put another 70K in the last 4 months. Kringle, Holy cow!! If that fix eliminates the black...
  18. Yroc

    Envelope printing

    Xante with a straight shooter is the ticket!! I messed around and demoed a lot of printers, including the Okidata system, and ended up with the Xante and SS. Works very well. The biggest issue we have is that we offer so many envelope types and some can be a bit finicky, but once you get them...
  19. Yroc

    Print Customers

    Except customers that don't pay their bills, won't keep you in business, so probably even better to let them go in a strapped market...
  20. Yroc

    Cutter / Slitter / Creaser

    Yeah, don't know what slitter you've used, but our Duplo slitters are so much cleaner than any of the sheets put through our stack cutter, we really avoid stack cutting anything as the slits are so much better on the Duplo. Plus we have to change blades pretty often on the stack cutter as it...

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