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  1. Yroc

    Connecting 3 sheet NCR sets

    I just ran a job for a customer of 3 sheet NCR. I just padded the stack together, but he said his other printer delivers them all separate, but the 3 sheets are connected. They aren't connected at the top, but between like a post it. Does anyone know how to do this, or what paper it is? I'm...
  2. Yroc

    Straight Shooter Envelope Feeder for Oki printers $4900

    Straight Shooter LF Pro Plus This was a demo unit and is in like new condition. Includes everything a new unit would and is also professionally crated from the manufacturer. Buyer to pay all shipping costs via freight, which are estimated to be around $400, could be more or less depending on...
  3. Yroc

    Can .jpg's print fancy text as sharp as a layered pdf?

    I was at an industry event today and got in an argument with another printer about the clarity and quality of a .jpeg vs. layered pdf. We are using software that is rendering the files down to a .jpg and I am noticing that the text is never as clear as when I print directly from a .pdf. I have...
  4. Yroc

    Xerox XC560 Fully Loaded $15,000 Free shipping CONUS

    We just upgraded and only used this printer for just over a year. Very low impression count at 409K. Always under Xerox service contract. Prints and works PERFECTLY right now. Has double high capacity feed drawers, External Fiery, Standard finisher (which is better than the pro and advance...
  5. Yroc

    Xerox 560 Weight

    I have a 560 press for sale and am trying to figure out how to calculate shipping as I have no idea what it weighs, does anyone know how I can find this information??
  6. Yroc

    StraightShooter LF Pro Plus & SC36 Conveyor $5,000

    I was in charge of putting together an envelope printer when the whole project was put on hold and we are going to continue to use our current machines. I ended up deciding on the Oki c931dn as it is by far the most capable and versatile printer and I found a good deal on a demo feeder from...
  7. Yroc

    Envelope Printing - Oki, Xante, Ricoh?!

    So I've read every post about all these envelope solutions. Ended up deciding on an Oki C911dn with a straight shooter and ordered it all up. After it was all ordered I was able to get some sample envelopes (my envelopes) off a Xante, I'm assuming it was an Impressia, but I'm not 100%. All I...
  8. Yroc

    Fiery vs. Freeflow Rip

    I've owned a few machines with a fiery and have been mostly happy with it, and I'm very familiar with it. We are a photo shop that needs accurate, consistent color and I have software generating .pdf's from customer images and dropping them into hotfolders which all print multi-up on 12x18. I...

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