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  1. RVNG

    Prinect 2013 - on Sierra

    Anyone successful at installing Prinect 2013 Cockpit on OS X Sierra? I have downgraded the Java to 8 u141, the Cockpit launches, but then after putting in user/pwd it does nothing. Hoping there is a solution.
  2. RVNG

    Prinect 2013 - Install cockpit on newer OSX

    Faced with a conundrum... We need to install cockpit for a new prepress employee, the oldest OSX we could muster is El Capitan (10.11). We have Prinect 2013, and it will not allow us to install because of Java is too new/different/or something... question: Is it possible to wipe installed Java...
  3. RVNG

    Illustrator - a good trick

    A good trick, but I don't know why it works: I have a native illustrator file w/ fonts and links ... except 1 image is missing. I rename the .AI file to .PDF, open in Acrobat Pro and image can be seen. Using the Acorbat 'Edit Text and Imaging' Tool I can extract the missing image to Photoshop...
  4. RVNG

    additional Pantone + colours not in Adobe apps

    Hello Folks, We were supplied art with a new Pantone+ colour ... Pantone 2292 C. This colour cannot be found in our original Adobe Pantone+ Colour Libraries or in our Reference Guides. We have ordered new books because apparently there have been some additional colours added since Pantone+...
  5. RVNG

    Prinect 2013 - Signa error from un-archived jobs

    Hello folks, Seeing this more and more lately.... after retrieval of an old job from archive, then 'New Job From Template' command to create a copy under a new job number, the signa layout will not open. Screen cap attached... does anyone have this experience? Server is new, and Prinect was...
  6. RVNG

    Colour proofing 1-bit tiifs

    Strange question… does anyone produce Epson proofs from 1-bit Tiffs? It seems to me this is a very strange way to work. Would there not have to be de-screening involved? And wouldn’t the Epson proof suffer in overall quality because of the de-screen? It seems to me Adobe PDF renders have...
  7. RVNG

    Colour Proofing 1-bit tiffs

    Strange question… does anyone produce Epson proofs from 1-bit Tiffs? It seems to me this is a very strange way to work. Would there not have to be de-screening involved? And wouldn’t the Epson proof suffer in overall quality because of the de-screen? It seems to me Adobe PDF renders have...
  8. RVNG

    Prinect 2013 - generating PPF file for cutter

    Hello All, Does anyone know how to generate PPF files from Prinect 2013? I can see the option in Signastation but cannot seem to put it to use. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. thx
  9. RVNG

    Prinect 2013 - generate PPF cutter data

    Hello All, Does anyone know how to generate a .PPF cutter file from Prinect?
  10. RVNG

    PDF and Open Type Fonts

    Hello All Font Guru's out there, We have hired a new prepress person that has brought to my attention that Open Type Fonts are not fully supported in PDF. I personally haven't had any production issues with OTF ever (throughout my history with Apogee and now Prinect 2013) but was wondering if...
  11. RVNG

    Calibration curve: convert to MIME

    We are using the Heidelberg Prinect Workflow trying to transfer our plate curve to Apogee. We have been able to export our curve data to a .TXT file however Apogee needs a .MIME format instead. Is there anyway to convert .TXT files to .MIME for Apogee to accept the data? -CJ-
  12. RVNG

    Saphira Long Wash Cloth - XL105

    Has anyone tried the Saphira Long Wash Cloth? Any issues? Are they a better value than the regular length cloths? thx
  13. RVNG

    Nexpress - transfer web 'burnt'

    Hello Folks, Running a Nexpress S2500 - it has now happened twice now that the transfer web becomes 'burnt' with a honeycomb pattern, see attached photo. Anyone have any ideas what is causing this. We keep a clean machine, maintained regularly, not sure what is happening here. Thanks, Christian.
  14. RVNG

    CIP3/CIP4 ink key generation from supplied 1-bit tiffs

    Hello folks, We are receiving 1-bit tiffs generated by a workflow other than ours. I was wondering what options there may be to have ink keys generated from them? The 1-bits come from an Apogee system without the module necessary to generate the CIP3/CIP4 data. We run the most current...
  15. RVNG

    Prinect 2011, Ink keys and the Press console

    Hi Folks, We have Prinect 2011 with a Heidelberg XL105 Wondering if anyone has input on this one... when ink keys on a SW job get sent to the Press console each side comes over as a separate job. This leaves the Pressman to have to back out fully after printing one side, 'finish' the job on...
  16. RVNG

    Nexpress s2500 - intrack troubles

    Hi Folks, I am finding that when running a job the first 10 pages have horrible in-track registration, sometime a full point off. After about 10 sheets it corrects itself. Is this normal behaviour? Can it be fixed? Thanks, Christian.
  17. RVNG

    Prinect job flag - what does it mean.

    Hi Folks, Prinect nubie question... On the Prinect GUI, some of our jobs are flagged with a little hand (see attached). When it has this flag it doesn't allow for new PDFs to be imported. I can do everything else but... does anyone know what the icon means and how to have it return to a normal...
  18. RVNG

    Apogee archive file - Super-duper-techy question

    Hi Folks, Strange question... when Apogee 4.x creates an archive, it produces a file with the .arch extension. Is there anyway open that file without Apogee to read: for instance the Runlist order? I realize this is a super-duper-techy question, but it would help me tremendously. thanks...
  19. RVNG

    Preps templates files - opening outside of Preps

    Would anyone know of a way to open Preps template files (.tpl) outside of Preps? ... illustrator, Distiller, Ghost View, etc? Just need to view (maybe even measure) sheet layouts, trim sizes, positions, etc. Thanks, RG
  20. RVNG

    Signastation question

    Hello Folks, I am currently being trained on Signastation as our company combines with another. I have only watched signastation in action for a few short hours, but the person training me expressed that any change in page assignments/numbers required a partial/complete rebuild of the entire...

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