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  1. graficworx

    Polyester plates printed on Laser printers

    And if you run out of plate prep, you can use a light application of SoftScrub paste without bleach, works just as good as the Hurst or other plate preps in removing toning. I'm sure anyone who had used laser poly plates for a few years has weird tricks like this. If your anywhere near Seattle...
  2. graficworx

    Long run numbering

    The only problem to watch for on long numbering jobs is one head skipping, and the numbers being off. I used to run a job with many of the same number, and occasionally a head will get off, and if you don't catch it foul the whole job. I now number that job digitally.
  3. graficworx

    Polar EM 72 Parts Available

    Forgot to mention I have 2 extra blades.
  4. graficworx

    Linotype 560 Available for Parts

    If anyone needs any parts, we have a working Linotype 560 we took out of production just recently. We started using CTP years ago, but were still outputting film for use by screen printers and pad printers. If you need any parts, let me know.
  5. graficworx

    Polar EM 72 Parts Available

    We recently took our Polar Eltromat 72 out of service, and I saved all the control boards, switches, and blade stop cylinder. If anyone needs some parts, let me know. All four channels were working. I know the one time I had to have a board repaired it took me months to find someone to do it...
  6. graficworx

    Avantra 30 or ECRM Mako 56

    Avantra has a much better source of aftermarket parts than the Mako. This should always be a big consideration when buying any machinery, especially used machines that are no longer made anymore. I have seen Avantra's run for almost 30 years with very little work done to them if the are...
  7. graficworx

    Problem with dark lines on film output on Mako 56

    Are the lines oriented in the same direction as the travel of film through the imagesetter and processor? Is the film a new roll or close to the end of the roll? How old is the film? If you can, do two tests: 1) image film on your imagesetter and have someone else develop it, and 2) have...
  8. graficworx

    color label printer

    One thing you have to remember is that the inkjet labels will not be water safe, so if a wine bottle is chilled, then it gets condensation, the ink will rub off if touched. Even worse would be to put it in an ice bucket! I evaluated all the inkjet label printers several years ago, and all had...
  9. graficworx

    Snow Leopard-Network-Software...Ready for PrePress?

    The short answer is no SMB will never work as well as AFP. Macs don't rely on a file extension to tell them what type of file it is, instead they use a metadata file. Since the windows machine doesn't understand this, the metadata file can be lost, and your files will show as unreadable in OS X...
  10. graficworx

    Polar Electromat 72 Parts

    We just recently scrapped our old Polar Mohr Electromat 72 cutter, but I kept all the boards knowing how hard it is to find parts/replacements. Also kept some of the switches and the blade safety lock. If anyone is looking for parts, let me know. All five channels worked when taken out of...
  11. graficworx

    FS Polar Electromat 72 parts

    We just recently scrapped our old Polar Mohr Electromat 72 cutter, but I kept all the boards knowing how hard it is to find parts/replacements. Also kept some of the switches and the blade safety lock. If anyone is looking for parts, let me know.
  12. graficworx

    Fonts and Snow Leopard 10.6.8

    What font types are you talking about? Were these fonts installed through font book or through an external font manager?
  13. graficworx

    Snow Leopard-Network-Software...Ready for PrePress?

    That probably won't work, as since 10.6 debuted there have been substantial hardware architecture changes, and the disc won't have the latest drivers until a more recent software update (10.6.8 is the latest). What sort of networking issues are you having between the 10.4 and 10.6 machines? SMB...
  14. graficworx

    Ryobi 3302 with crestline

    If it's better, but still not great, you may need to clean all the rollers really good with a pumice like paste. Calcium can build up on the rollers.
  15. graficworx

    Ryobi 3302 with crestline

    Crestlines are sort of known for this. Whats happening is there is too much ink in the ink rollers, and is getting transferred up to the water. Once that happens, better to clean everything and start over. You can either increase the fount solution a tiny bit, or just back off on the ink. Also...
  16. graficworx

    Future of the USPS

    We've all heard the media's "talking head" opinion in the impending USPS "crisis", but I wanted to see what my fellow printers thought. It could be disastrous for envelope manufacturers, and of course direct mail shops. What's your thoughts? I'll start out by saying it can't be allowed to fail...
  17. graficworx

    Need some help from the offset press experts...

    I think you have identified many areas that need to be addresses. There are literally hundreds of variable that effect output from customer to press sheet. I think something you should address first is the ink. If you can visually see a difference in the ink from batch to batch, then that leads...
  18. graficworx

    Postcards only - ideal setup?

    Lets break down your problem into how a pressman thinks. If we consider a standard press sheet size to be 2-up letter (12x18 tabloid extra in the digital world), we see that you can do 4 postcards per press sheet, and 10 door hangers per press sheet. BTW, this is the sheet size on a 34cm press...
  19. graficworx

    Need Casette for Lintronic 300

    That's called the takeup cassette. You can sometimes find them on eBay. One thing to be cautious about is the condition of the felt opening in the cassette. If this is damaged or missing, the film can be scratched.
  20. graficworx

    Digital transition....

    I'm glad to hear someone supporting DI. On our conventional large format press, plating takes longer than 15 minutes if you consider the time to image all 4 plates, and process them. Yes, the pre-press guy does the plate imaging, not our pressman, but it still takes a while to get it done. We've...

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