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    State of the Industry? Reluctant to return to it.

    Recently I was contacted by a former employer about the possibility of returning to work for them, I was forced to politely decline at this time based on what I see in the industry in my area. There are still shops closing, being sold, etc. Beyond that I am not too sure about the state of the...
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    Another Magazine Stopping Print Version

    I stumbled across this article, U.S. News and World Report, is mostly stopping the print version of their magazine. - Magazine U.S. News to Discontinue Print Edition
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    The State of the Industry

    I was a Field Service Tech for 20 years in the printing industry, after being laid off from an equipment manufacturer and going back to work for an equipment dealer, an opportunity to get out of the industry presented itself, so I jumped ship about 6 months ago. I am considering selling all of...

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