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    Pharmacy Bag Supplier

    Looking for someone who prints pharmacy bags.
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    Vastech D14 Shallow Processor / Changing Thermostate

    I purchased the thermostat, and don't know how to get inside the machine to attach the wire end inside the processor. Hate to take apart way more than I need to, like I always do. Looks difficult to keep the old wire and attach it to the new thermostat (spring, and wire). Can I just jumper the...
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    Vastech 14" Shallow Processor

    Just bought a used one, and don't know how it works. Looks like the overflow goes straight down. Usually overflow is to the side, and does not empty until replenishment forces an overflow. How does the chemistry stay in the processor.
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    Accuset 800 PPD

    My Imac w/ tiger got sick, and I had to replace the Imac with another Imac. Running Leopard, can see Windows 95 computer, but PPD only allows 8.5x11" film, no custom setting for page size. Anyone know what PPD I should use? Running Torrent.
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    Mishubishi Plates on Accuset 800.

    What is best plate processor (film processor) to use?
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    Customer stealing eProof files

    We do a lot of prep work, and supply a PDF eProof. On occasion, I will do all the work, submit an eProof, and the customer takes the job somewhere else. Is there a way to protect myself? I would hate to supply paper Proofs.
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    Cleaning film processor to change from film to polyester chemistry

    Looking for suggestions. Does the film processor need to be cleaned in any special way? Can I use bleach or alchohol? Is this very fussy? Can I just drain, wipe off racks, and other loose stuff. Run water thru the recirculation system for an hour, and be good to go? Don't know the degree of...
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    Ryobi 3302 step down transformer 240 to 220

    Currently running Ryobi 3302 at 240 volts. I was told should be around 208 to 220 volts. I was wondering if there is a standard transformer product for the Ryobi. Have seen step down transformers from $35.00 on Amazon to $3,000.00 on Grainger. All different wattages.
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    Ryobi 3302 - Inverter Board

    Have an older Ryobi Serial 3576. Are the Inverter Boards interchangeable? My board is larger than Ryobi 3302 that are 18 years old.
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    Ryobi 3302 - turned press on no control panel lights

    Press ran all day yesterday. Turned it on today, no control panel lights. Fan, and motor seem to run.
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    Agfa Accuset 800+ Polyester Plates

    Thinking of changing from film to plates. If the plate material is on a roll, how do I cut to plate size? Could image with Indesign with crop marks, and cut on the marks?
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    Ryobi 3302 M Conveyor Board

    Anyone know where I can buy one new or used. Since only card stock was run, someone removed it. Bought part from Ryobi, but did match. Although same part number M series board is different.
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    Fuji Plate Processor

    Just got a 32" Fuji Plate Processor. Fairly complete to put together. Can I just make plates using clean mode? Does gum work in that mode?
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    EPS --- CMYK file prints color differently than file

    Color is correct PMS 350 CYMK on digital Proof. Lighter color on press. The press prints sharper, but the dot is smaller. The file size is 100KB. Is that file high enough resolution.
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    Proofing and theft

    I have several customers who have stolen my files to have someone else print. We always make PDF low res Proofs to email to customers. We go through the cycle of a few Proofs, and print when OK, On several occasions, the customer will take my Proof file, and have the job printed by someone...
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    Manroland 202 clogged powder hose

    Anyone have any suggestions how to clear the powder out of the hose. Used an air compressor, but hole did not clear. Powder caked w/oil and hard. Hose has 2 right angles. Any substance that will clear hose? Any retro fits. Spray attachment is difficult to move and clean. Anyone ever move it?
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    Type Setting Files Being Stolen

    When we do a job we always Proof as a PDF. I am having customers take my PDF Proof and giving the file to another printer to print the next time the job is printed. Is there any way of providing a PDF Proof that cannot be stolen. When we typeset a book and provide a low res Proof, the file can...

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