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    How long does your company take

    to get the client a quote? And if known, what (ballpark) is the quote approval to quote time taken ratio?
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    Prepress or pre-press art?

    Looking for opinions on a few things. Is it better to have a pre-press department or art that is submitted print-ready, according to proper specs by the client? Can one exist without the other? What is your definition of a pre-press department? What specifically do they do? (I actually already...
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    RGB vs CMYK

    I have asked this question in a different forum and am looking for even more feedback from here. Apparently, some printers require RGB files instead of CMYK. I've never heard of this and am hungry for knowledge. My questions are: 1. Can any of you comment on your type of printer if you do accept...
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    How to change K in a raster object

    I feel like there is likely a really simple solution here and my brain is just don't judge. I have a client who consistently sends in art that is VERY heavy in black. The best black on my (wide format) printer is 40,30,30,100 so I have asked them to ensure that they are sending me art...
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    Anyone use Production House and having these issues?

    My Windows PC just asked me to restart to complete some updates and when I did, there were a bunch of changes to production house too. I always use the Layout tool so that is where I am seeing changes. 1. There is no more "grid" on the 96x48" layout preview. 2. Once I'm done laying out all my...
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    Any word on when PP will be fixed for Chrome?

    Chrome had an update today. It seems to have sped some things up (I think) but for the most part, I'm still having to click into another tab and come back, for the page to load.
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    What is Sketchbook Pro

    This is gonna probably make me sound like the ultimate newb, but I just heard of Sketchbook Pro this weekend and I'm wondering 2 things: if anyone knows what its all about? And also, I saw a video that appears to allow the user to use some kind of a radial duplication tool and I'm wondering if...
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    Acrobat vs. Fonts

    I have what seems like a confusing subject but really isn't if you pay attention. So I'm going to break it down... There are two Macs on the same server. One is mine, one is my co-worker's. We'll call him Frank. We both open the same PDF using Acrobat. Now, there are 2 fonts in question here...
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    Print Planet is slow

    Anyone else have issues with this website? It takes sometimes up to 10 minutes for the page to load no matter where I click.
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    Which design program do you prefer if you had to chose between these two, and why?

    I would love to get responses as to why one program is better than the other, not just "cuz that one sucks" and so on... 1. Corel 2. Illustrator
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    Another Wide Format Forum

    Hi all, Please delete if this is not allowed here. I just came across another wide format forum that, by the looks of it, could really use some of the expertise from the people in Print Planet. Most of the questions have 0 replies but are all simple enough questions that we all could help with...
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    Deceiving Pitstop Inspector

    Recently, I had a huge run of posters come in with supplied art. I ran it through Pitstop Inspector as usual, which told me the colors were CMYK. I also opened it in Illy which said CMYK mode. SO I hit print. It printed horribly and I knew right away that it was RGB. I opened it in Photoshop and...
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    OCE Arizona Double sided printing

    Hi! Doesn anyone have experience printing double sided substrates such as coro, sintra, etc... on their flatbed? I feel like I've tried everything and I'm usually successful in lining up one direction, but never both. HELP!
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    OCE Arizone Textile printing

    Hello print world, I'm desperate for some help with my flatbed printer. I'm trying to print to a table cloth (which is essentially like a bedsheet). The table vacuum won't all for enough suction so I'm using the spoiler board but it, too, doesn't suction enough and then the heads end up...
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    Pantone Book Printing Consistency

    Does anyone have a link to watch how Pantone books are printed? There was a thread from 2008 on here that had the link but it no longer works and I'd really like to watch how they do it and ensure such accurate consistency over all these years...

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