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    There isn't enough roller pressure or the fuser needs replacement. Double check that the paper profile weight and coating matches the package specifications. If it does not, fix it, run 'clean toner' sheets one color at a time, and try again. If that does not work, get a new fuser.
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    Duplo finishing machines

    Major flaws like Cassie describes indicate that the vendor has a bad attitude, which is reason enough to steer clear.
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    Duplo finishing machines

    Duplo does 10% off sometimes for tradeshows. Worth an ask.
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    Small Quick Print Business Looking for MIS/MGMT Software

    Square or Xero combined with Zapier workflows might work. You might also look into using Google Sheets (free).
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    Duplo finishing machines

    I'd say an hour or two a day of guillotine work saved in my case justified my purchase. Figure out your cost per hour for a guillotine operator and compare that with your payment or depreciation schedule for the slitter-cutter-creaser purchase. A bonus with the slitter-cutter-creaser is that you...
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    Duplo finishing machines

    Boggs Equipment sold a maxed out Duplo 646 IFS at auction last week for $33,000 USD. I was offered a DC615 refurb last year for $8,000. Thermotype is worth a look at- their machine build quality appears excellent. I would recomend calling and asking about refurbs. Here's a current used list...
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    Die Cutting 1000 sheets/day 400 gsm

    Boggs Equipment is listing a Rollem rotary die cutter used. I'd guess that it will sell for $40,000. New is over 100k. Dies are $300 to $500 Duplo has a DB400 cutting table with an MSRP of $20,000 AP90's suggestion is probably the most cost effective. A used paper drill off of eBay or one of...
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    E.F.I. Fiery

    Montax Imposer is a lot less expensive than Impose.
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    Hot Glue Gun technique vs Perfect Binding

    Shredder- I've seen quite a few EVA perfect binders at auction sites. PUR binders are less common at auctions. My team doesn't do a lot of perfect bound books, but we have been doing them by hand with PVA glue from Amazon since it is less involved to apply than hot glue.
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    Reporting software

    Splunk is free for up to 500MB/day of log ingestion, but requires someone with scripting knowledge.
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    Furniture for print room

    Pallet racks come to mind if you want easy of installation that snaps together. 8020 or Unistrut systems are a good DIY solution that requires some cutting and fasteners. If you have a MIG welder and basic metal cutting tools you could make just about anything from pipe at a lower cost. A trip...
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    Off brand inks for Epson 9900?

    3rd party cartridges need chips that emulate epson cartridges or OEM epson chips that have been reset.
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    Off brand inks for Epson 9900?

    Do you have a process for resetting or replacing the cartridge chips?
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    Fiery Job Parameters delay in opening

    Try a different version of Command Workstation.
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    Annoying calls from Xerox AR

    Xerox AR is a disaster. Has been for decades.
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    Xerox Versant 180 vs Ricoh C7200

    I did not research image quality differences. The 3100 also includes a stock library management app that while buggy, is still a huge timesaver.
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    Xerox Versant 180 vs Ricoh C7200

    You might want to quote a Versant 3100 and compare with your 180 quote. I found that the Versant 3100 was less expensive than the 180 because of the lower click charges. The 3100 also comes with a performance guarantee called a CED/Customer Expectations Document. This may be a good time to buy a...
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    Xerox Versant 180 vs Ricoh C7200

    Hanamulhe rag paper ran through my Xerox V3100 without issue. That is the only cotton experiment that I have ran.
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    Fiery won't connect to V80

    If you have support from Xerox and their Level 2 can't resolve this, they should be able to open up a case with EFI. You may need to involve your sales rep or dealer if Xerox balks at bringing in EFI support.
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    Fiery won't connect to V80

    Might be antivirus software locking down EFI executables. Look in your AV logs. Also look at Windows Event Viewer>Administrative events and see if there are EFI application errors at startup.

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