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    Looking for eprom firmware for fuji luxel V8 Violet CTP

    Hi all we are looking for FHMB - 2 Board Eprom Boot Version 2.0.1 Application Version 16.0.0 for Fuji Luxel V8 Violet CTP manufactured by FFE if any body having this please let us know Thank You
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    We are looking for used Thermal CTP or Basys print CTcP systems minimum speed 20 plates per hour size (maximum) 660 x 830 mm or bigger than this size if anybody have offers please send to my mail Thanks i advance
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    Looking for ctp or ctcp systems

    Hi friends we are looking to buy CTP or CTCP machines please advise which is better machine my budget is up to 20,000 usd if any body have offers please send to my email thank you

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