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  1. ICON

    Duplo 618 blade replacement

    LA Grinding says they HAVE done duplo blades but not sure of the models, we will wait until it's duller then buy the replacement and experiment with the old one. It would be good to have a backup as we have several of these 618's Thanks for all the input folks!!
  2. ICON

    Duplo 618 blade replacement

    its new with 1.3 mil cuts. still cutting but you can tell not as clean as before...
  3. ICON

    Duplo 618 blade replacement

    Thanks for the input folks! I will see if LA grinding has done any of these before...
  4. ICON

    Ultimate & Duplo Enhance Finishing Automation

    Is there a link to watch this as a recording of the webinar anywhere, sadly I missed it...
  5. ICON

    Duplo 618 blade replacement

    howdy all, does anybody have experience with sharpening rather than replacing a $2000 cutting unit on a DC 618? Anybody sell rebuilds cheaper than 2K? TIA
  6. ICON

    Envelope Printing

    We have had a Xante Enpress a few months now. We had some issues fusing in the beginning, it seems that the toner would not completely fuse at high speeds. They sent us a new fuser and it's been working great for a few months. Now we are starting to see some of the fusing issues again. Does...

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