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    Kodak Thermal Head - TH5

    Does anyone can help to setup a TH5, The TH2 commands, doesn't work anymore on TH5, We need to setup the media, but no luck. The "eng" commad doesn't work either. Any help is appreciated, Thank You.
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    Achieve V - EMCE keep rebooting

    Hi, We have the Achieve V ctp with ECME board Rev E. The workstation connection to the CTP is keep dropping every a few min (PS goes off and on) and the error we have on the log below. f 06Sep21 23:16:18.320: <EMCE> C SMC: ***** Unloader failed reading from register 0x72A at 0x31 full log is...
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    TH2 focusmode 0

    Hi, We have a trendsetter with TH2, but the autofocus (focusmode 0) doesn't work, it give media out of range error. The machine make plates with focusmode 1, but with lines. Head Install is good, sum and error are good (1200 -5). Any suggestion is welcome to fix the lines Thank You,

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