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    Dear Khalidye, I saw your post from last summer related to CtP. My company sells secondhand...

    Dear Khalidye, I saw your post from last summer related to CtP. My company sells secondhand Heidelberg CtPs. I have a 2012 Heidelberg SuprasetterA106 in my stock with Autoloader and Thermal Processor. The machine is in very good condition, and can be tested. If you are still interested in buying...
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    Matt Beals

    I just saw this bad news and it made me feel very sad. Rest in peace Matt.
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    line on the plate

    Hi Steve, I did not understand how a Heidelberg staff suggested this solution. The start point parameter of the laser head(s) which is located right side of the line, should be increased 1 step. Heidelberg service can do this with remote connection.
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    To curve color bar or not

    Hi Mellowyellow. If a curve is applied to exposed plate how it would be possible not to apply for color control bar? Is there a function in your RIP for that ? To compare actual dot gain values on color bar with target, curve must be applied. The workflows such as Prinect and Prinergy have...
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    One CMYK-profile to rule them all?

    I couldn't read all the entries but Fogra53 looks pretty good approach. In my country half of print customers are not aware of color management and all of their Adobe applications have default USWebCoatedSWOP CMYK profile on color settings (They have no idea what a profile is and why it must be...
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    Suprasetter A 106 Gen V : Recorder Error 5433

    Check the guide plate (switch blade) between load table and drum. It might not come to exact load position.
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    Suprasetter A74

    Suprasetter arrives the customer without limitations for plate setup. Focus, laser power and drum speed adjustments are very easy. But it is also possible to arrange a password for plate setup by Heidelberg local service or the customer. Without password, related parameters can't be changed for...
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    Prosseter 8up, believe that is 2up. Hardware problem??

    It may happen after optic head replacement. You need to ask Heidelberg CtP Support for upgrade reference key from 2up to 8up again. This is known problem.
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    Herkules Imaging Problem...

    Adjust side guides of the optic carriage. They come closer and prevent laser beam to reach film.
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    Hybrid Screening

    Hybrid screening is suitable when high resolution is needed with negative plates, especially photopolymer type.
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    Is color management really needed?

    Erik If I understood right you are asking Color Picker window of Photoshop Open a new CMYK document, assign your process profile, open color picker window, pick the color from library then you will see Lab, CMYK and RGB values of the color. For more accurate numbers assign a fresh custom...
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    Is color management really needed?

    All depends the customer and job characteristic. When you have a customer with tight tolerances and colors with original products to compare, then default profile will fail. Even default profile is good for magazines, brochures etc... what is the reason to keep monitor with default profile for...
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    Axis Control issues on '06 SM74-4

    I would measure same sheet several times to check whether the measured values are always same. If not, clean glass and spectrolino lens. Also check rail is clean and oiled well. Movement along the sheet must be smoth. I assume you care about job change from high coverage to low coverage. If a...
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    Signa Station 4.5 "PDF File Name Generation"

    Hello File > Preferences > Names
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    Color Management on SM 74

    Hello davidsia, I assume your target is standard color values according to used paper type and CMYK values were defined correctly according to print conditions. You should adjust dot gains and define ideal solid wet lab values first. Your guide for that is ISO 12647-2. Using an ink set...
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    Greg asked right question. Your solution is in prepress side. Just decrease ink limit with a devicelink profile. Colors will stay more or less same and then you can print easlily.
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    Bodoni PressSign

    That's normal. X-rite or Teckhon provide measuring and monitoring system. Some QC softwares can work together with these systems like PressSign. If you want to use measured&monitored results for ink key correction, you should buy an online solutions like InkZone, Print Flow, RGS, EPG...
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    Alwan CMYK Optimizer ECO URTS price?

    Hello, After one year do you recommend this product ? Did you convince whether return of investment was fair ?
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    Is linear plates more important that backward compatibility with TVI curves?

    It is not chasing tail but standart. On the otherhand working with lineer plates is not that bad, as long as sky is blue, tree is green, repeat jobs are stable and none of your customers is asking for print standart. Regards Ozkan
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    Is linear plates more important that backward compatibility with TVI curves?

    Let me try acording to your scenarios :) Your dot gains were in tolerance. Then you changed developer parameters or laser power etc. Why do you think re-linerazition will provide same dot gains on the print ? You changed surface&emission referance of plate. It effects ink-water balance, dot...

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