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  1. lyzan

    Fujifilm XMF 5.5.1 linearization issue

    i hope someone can help. Why the linearization curve that I assign to my screen set is not manifesting in the screen sets selection in the screening options in the workflow? I am very sure that I created and assign my linerization curve correctly in the ColorPath organizer. Please help. //Lyzan
  2. lyzan

    Agfa Polaris XTV power panel digitizer

    We changed the power panel of our Polaris XTV because for some unknown reason the digitizer was broken. Prior to the broken digitizer, the digitizer suddenly became unresponsive to touch. Just few days ago, a new power panel was installed. But the same problem exists, that is, digitizer is not...
  3. lyzan

    image area expanding on the plate

    Hi, I am having another problem with our Galileo VXT. Even the service engineers from our supplier are having a hard time fixing our/my problem. The image area on the plates are expanding by max of 2mm causing misregistration in the press. The expansion is along the width of the plate (long...
  4. lyzan

    Polaris XTV ideal filter resolution for 1, 2, and 3

    Anyone has any recommendation for ideal Laser filter resolution for filter 1, 2, and 3 for Agfa Polaris XTV? TIA, Lyzan
  5. lyzan

    Plates wear out after 80k-100k

    Hello everyone, I have some problem. I am using Agfa Polaris XTV with LP82 ULTRA OLP and our press supervisor is complaining about plates wear (silver violet) out after 80k-100k copies of running a newspaper (KBA press) on black plates only. I called the attention of our supplier but it seems...
  6. lyzan

    Any suggestion for establishing better tone curve for Agfa :sublima?

    Hello everyone. Using TVI method, can anyone suggest me which is the best TVI curve to target for 210, 240, 280, and 340 Agfa :sublima frequency. I presently use curve F (NP-Raster) and using PSO Coated 300% NPScreen ICC profile. I want to create and establish a better tone curve. TIA, Lyzan
  7. lyzan

    What are the difference between Kodak Trendsetter Q 800 and News F-AL for commercial?

    Hello everyone, Can someone help to enumerate the differences/pros/cons between Kodak Trendsetter 800 and News F-AL with full commercial option? We are planning to buy a new CtP for our commercial jobs. However, we are also looking for the possibility of making it as a backup CtP for...
  8. lyzan

    ApogeeX with :sublima, will it work with Kodak Trendsetter 800

    Hello everyone, Our company is planning to buy a new CtP, so far our eyes are in the direction of Kodak Trendsetter 800Q. We have ApogeeX and :Sublima. Is it possible to use ApogeeX and :Sublima (for Agfa Galileo VXT) with Kodak Trendsetter 800? Thanks. Lyzan
  9. lyzan

    Callas pdfToolbox 4.5 transparency flattener problem

    Hi everyone. I am using pdfToolbox 4.5 and it seems that the transparency flattener fixup does not work perfectly. After using the flattener in a page with arabic font, some of the arabic text in the page were gone. This is not the case if I used Acrobat's transparency flattener. This is a...
  10. lyzan

    SpectroEye and EyeOne

    If you were to choose which one are you going to use, SpectroEye or EyeOne Pro? When using these two instruments, it gives slightly different readings. However these slightly different readings especially in densities gives significant difference in the computation of TVI using murray-davis. At...
  11. lyzan

    Help upgrading Agfa Taipan RIP 1.1 to any possible Apogee version that fits

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here in PrintPlanet, though i'm regularly browsing this helpful site. Will somebody help me please? Our company is a printer of newspapers here in the Philippines. Our prepress is equip with an Agfa Accuset 1500 and Taipan RIP 1.1. I know kind'a very old...

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