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    decent substrates for photobooks printed w. toner in Europe

    Hi folks, I'm a complete n00b when it comes to trying out new paper types, but I'm going to start experimenting soon. I'm looking for some suitable paper types to get good results printing photos with a digital laser press (Ricoh C5310). I'm in NL so I'd hope that many of the stocks available...
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    Anyone on here embroidering stuff?

    My other half has been into sewing for a while and recently decided she wanted to try out embroidery, and if it goes well she would eventually like to start selling personalised embroidered gifts. She bought a decent hobbyist level single thread machine, Brother Innovis V3, and now is looking...
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    3 x km c754e bizhubs w. Bustled fierys

    These will be going soon - if anyone wants to buy them and take them away let me know. I'm in the Netherlands. Two machines have over 1.5 m clicks on them, third machine has about 700k. Third machine in full working order - other two throwing up fault codes re the Large capacity trays. All...
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    furniture/storage for binding supplies

    Hi all, I'm sorting my repro out and one of the final pieces of the furniture puzzle is a neat storage solution for our wire and comb spines. They're all in boxes in the corridor outside, but it would be nice to have a compact solution so that they can be near the binding machines. So I was...
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    ideal 4315 stack cutter not cutting straight

    I just cut some stacks of paper and noticed that they aren't level, meaning the sheet on the top of the stack is deeper than the sheet at the bottom. I'm probably using the wrong terminology so to make it easier, see diagram below. I've looked in the manual for the machine and i can't find any...
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    anyone have a contact at Powis Parker?

    I bought a Fastback 20 thermal binding machine last year which I am very happy with. However, I've tried contacting them a couple of times to ask for more information on their supplies and I've had no response. My dealer doesn't have the information either. All I want from them are some clear...
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    slightly O/T - automating filename headers in word & PDF

    hi folks, i'm trying to print documents using RICOH PCL6 UniversalDriver V4.31. I use the header/footer feature to automatically insert the filename of the document as a header. When printing e.g. MS word documents, it inserts "Microsoft Word - " before the filename begins in the header...
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    How to shortcut to a Fixup in Acrobat (2020/DC) -

    I've created a single fixup under 'pages'. I want to have it as as a shortcut on the top toolbar in Adobe but i can't figure out how to get it there. Is this possible? Also - how to create a droplet from it? When i go to create droplet i can't find it on the list of fixups. Thanks all.
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    Batch printing software

    Hi folks, In our mixed office/repro environment, non-technical admin staff use a program to queue up documents for batch printing (Print Conductor). This is for situations where they need to print a batch of documents in a given sequence, e.g. copies of dated correspondence. We've just got...
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    Fiery E-47b loses connection to Ricoh C5310

    Hi folks, I understand fiery servers losing connection to machines is quite commonplace. We have E-47 servers connected to C5310's. They're in a mixed use corporate repro which is also self-service when there's no operator around. Due to Covid, often several days go by before anyone heads...
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    Wire bind - 2:1 vs 3:1

    We have a modular punch with 2:1 and 3:1 wire bind dies. I'm ordering binding spines now, and wondered... Is it worth bothering with 3:1 for the thinner documents, or should I just stick with 2:1 for all sizes? Is there a benefit, aesthetic, practical or otherwise from 3:1? We will be...
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    how to quickly re-scale PDF's in bulk

    Hi folks, I have a workflow where i need the PDF's to all be scaled to fit to A4 or A5 in advance. I have set up a preflight tool for this in Acrobat Pro, but I would like to automate it, by e.g. dumping the files into a hot folder. I have an application (Foldermill) which will re-print docs...
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    Basic creaser?

    Hi guys, Getting our new production printers very soon and I was thinking it would be good to get a creaser for occasional printing of greetings cards and for creasing book covers. Local supplier has this machine which is inexpensive and it will crease up to 400gsm...
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    Another - how did they bind this question

    Hi folks, Please see below snaps of a book we had bound by a now defunct bindery. I took it apart to try and figure out how it was done, and how we can replicate it. I thought they had done it all completely by hand, but looking closer I wonder whether a system like the Powis Fastback with...
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    what equipment for this type of bind?

    Hi folks, Could you let me know what equipment is required for this type of bind? Supplier described it as 'glued spine'. Cover is 300gsm and pages are 100gsm. Many thanks, Ben
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    Furniture for print room

    Hi guys, Setting up our new and improved in house repro soon and I am looking for storage solutions suited to use in a print room. i) Shelving The walls are thin stud walls, but I would like shelving above the printers and finishing equipment. - Is there such a thing as free-standing...
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    Do I need Indesign?

    Hi folks, We're considering getting a perfect binder soon, as an alternative to comb binding. There will be some work involved in creating covers and spines, with spine text, and layout etc of the correct spine width, plus glue traps etc. I've never done any of this before, so am a total...
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    accessories/essential tools for a perfect binder?

    Hi folks, We're getting our new repro machines soon, and in addition to comb and wire binding I'm thinking about getting a basic perfect binding machine. I've never actually used a perfect binding machine before, so I'm going purely on what I've seen on youtube. We have an electric stack...
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    Plastic comb-bind closing machine recommendations? GBC PB2600 or similar

    Hi Folks, We're getting two new Ricoh Machines equipped with GBC Ultra punch units with 2:1 wire, 3:1 wire and comb punch dies. I want to upgrade our existing (manual) plastic comb closer, as it sucks. It's a GBC DB28Pro and I don't like it as the pins don't align very well. (GBC DB28Pro Comb...
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    Wire Closing Machine Recommendations - Renz ECL360 or similar

    Hi Folks, We're getting two new Ricoh Machines equipped with GBC Ultra punch units with 2:1 wire, 3:1 wire and comb punch dies. So we need to get a wire closing machine, as we've never done wire binding before (only comb). One of the machines that looks suitable is the Renz ECL 360 ( link: )...

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