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    Flatbed inkjet

    Hi Mike, The model is a VR5D-E. Heads are Ricoh Gen5, (built like tanks, compared to others I've seen) Flushing the head is to recover nozzles that don't respond to the daily puge you described above. - nice to have the option, to bad to use it a printer that's 2 months old. Print heads are not...
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    Flatbed inkjet

    Hi Y, thank you. Printer is a Vanguard, running foam, sintra, coro mainly. Issues are just the way it's maintained. Plugged nozzles used to be: wipe the head, run a subtank maint (or similar to jet the nozzles) and done. Now it's: shut the valves, unhook the lines, run a syringe or 2 of flush...
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    Flatbed inkjet

    Hi all, our company just purchased a flatbed, our first one. We're finding it to be very maintenance intensive, it demands a lot more attention than the hybrid/roll printers we're familiar with. Is this a common characteristic with flatbeds, or are there some (maybe the new Epson) that are more...

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