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    xRite 508 Densitometer

    Hello all! I have 2 xRite 508 Densitometers which have been a bit neglected in the past few years. We only have one white pad, and I entered the numbers into the one it was not matched to so I'm assuming that it is close to calibrated. Does anyone have any information regarding how accurate my...
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    Halm Jet

    Thank you, I have tried calling them, but they are now owned by W+D North America Inc. The parts people there seem not to be very well versed in the old Halm parts (at this point as they just took over recently). I'll try emailing Richard as you suggested, and thank you again for the response.
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    Heidelberg MOZ Main Drive Motor

    SOLVED! We finally got the motor back from the shop, installed it, worked out a few bugs left in the system, and it spools up nice and smooth and will fly all the way up to 11! A wonderful day for a press with 110,000 impressions! And we still use this bad boy at least weekly!
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    Halm Jet

    Hi! My organization just purchased a second Halm Jet press (I believe it's a super jet) is there anyone here with experience on these machines? We have had our 2C 3" Jet for a year now, but this one looks completely different and has larger cylinders. Just curious if there are any resources...
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    Heidelberg MOZ Main Drive Motor

    Well, We finally had a tech in from both Heidelberg, and the company we use to rebuild our electric motors. They both agreed that something was still awry in the motor. Found out that the brush rack drive mechanism was messed up, we pulled the motor and are having it fixed now. Will update...
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    Heidelberg MOZ Main Drive Motor

    Thanks for the input Chock. The motor is Baumuller, and we did not have new winding put in. The company that rebuilt it for us said they only put new brushes in, cleaned everything up, and double checked that the motor was functioning through its full range. They were not able to use the...
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    Heidelberg MOZ Main Drive Motor

    We have a 1989 Heidelberg MOZ that used to run a full 11,500 IPH. I recently removed the main drive motor for it and had it rebuilt, after I got it all put back together the press will only run about 8,000 IPH. There is a blower and a speed control motor on top of the main drive, I only removed...
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    Where your jobs come from?

    We are a medium size shop, 40 employees or so, we have 40% of them working on our mailing side and about 40% on the printing/finishing side 20% do both. I would say about 97% of our jobs are all direct from customer, we rarely deal with middlemen. There are a couple printers we do extra work...
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    Maintenance on presses

    Hello all, I am trying to come up with a checklist for maintenance on our presses for weekly/monthly/quarterly maintenance. We have three Heidelberg MO's and we have been following the recommended Heidelberg sheets as best we are able. We are one shift, and usually only 2 of the presses run at...
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    Photoelectric eye that tells the press has an early sheet

    I got the problem sorted out. It was a bad sheet alignment switch. We installed a new one, and now are capable of running the press maxed out. Thanks! Ryan.
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    Photoelectric eye that tells the press has an early sheet

    Hello all, I have 3 older Heidelberg MO's that all have severely cracked lenses on the light switches that tell the press a sheet is in or if the sheet is early. One of the presses won't feed at all, it just constantly says there is an early sheet. My questions are: How often do those sensors...

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