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    AGFA 2050 issue

    Hey, just to update, I got the issue fixed in a simple, yet somewhat weird way. I figured I should look a bit more into the motor after the last comment here, so I called up a guy who knows stuff about electromotors. He took it off, took it apart, but found nothing wrong with it. Here's the...
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    AGFA 2050 issue

    When the machine is turned on, it does something called "home checking" procedure, where it makes sure that the carriage is in the right starting position. The process is automatic. It raises the carriage as high as it can go, returns it to the rightmost position (if it's not there already)...
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    AGFA 2050 issue

    Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, there is no encoder strip for vertical movement of the carriage. The maximum height of the carriage is limited by a sensor which stops it from going too far up (which works as intended), and then the machine automatically lowers it (I assume) according...
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    AGFA 2050 issue

    Greetings, I'm new to these forums, so I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section. But this seemed like one of the few places where I could get some feedback on a specific issue that's been plaguing my machine. It's a seemingly simple issue, but I've been unable to fix it no matter what...

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