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    Looking for recommendations on Large Format printer

    Hello! We've recently run into some seemingly unsolvable problems with our wide format Mimaki printer at our shop. Because of that, we're looking into the possibility of buying a new printer altogether. We are open to most brands as long as it's a 54" machine, preferably Eco Solvent/Latex. I've...
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    Ricoh Pro C7210sx constant paper jams

    I ran about 200 sheets of 100# Text 13"x19" sheets through the 7210 and all of a sudden, paper jam. Which is fine, that happens. Cleared the jam and continued printing. Then, another paper jam in the same spot (in the tray/feeding area). Cleared that and carried on. But then, another jam, this...
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    Printing same image (2UP) on sheet problem with print

    I am attempting to print a simple 8.5"x11" image (flyer) 2 UP, Duplex, 13"x19" sheet on Ricoh Pro C7210sx. Initially, we took the 8.5x11 PDF and imposed in Fiery and sent the imposed file to print. We noticed an issue in the print. Same exact image file, but the one on the left side of the sheet...
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    Mitsubishi SDP-Eco163IIIR Platesetter

    Hi, First time post here. Does anyone have any experience with the Mitsubishi SDP-Eco163IIIR Platesetter? We're a small shop with mostly digital equipment (Ricoh's, Oki C931e for envelope printing). But we also have a Heidelberg GTO 52-2 (Year: 1999) and still processing plates the old school...

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