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    avantra 25e bridge error - Rollers?

    bridge error bridge error I had the same problem with our 25. As Vlad said, bearings. If smaller sizes of film work, then its not the belt. if you remove the cover of the bridge, and watch the rollers, they are set up in 2 groups. as i understand it, if you manually push you film up to the...
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    pantone text on layers problem

    help with layers help with layers You could just create the 7 different layers on your indesign layout, in black, not patntone, and when you create (export or print) your file to pdf, just do it 7 times, and make visible only the layer of text you want. have your output settings set to visible...
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    Apogee & PDF

    Quite right, Lukas. the problem is due to licensing restrictions, although, it's not just asian fonts, but other languages as well. Many Central European fonts do this as well. We've tried to explain this to our customers, but you know how it is.....:"it looks fine on my screen". some...
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    Apogee & PDF

    a certified workflow is a great idea in theory, but in reality, how many shops (aside from the ones that do national advertising work) actually have even a modicum of control over what kind of gargbage they recieve. Our biggest problem is that we print muli-lingual publications, and some fonts...
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    Basysprint vs. Luscher UV for Service bureau

    Great answer Vlad.. I use an agfa Advantage platesetter, and its more of a tank than both of those combined.
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    Any IntelliTuneX users out there?

    Re: Any IntelliTuneX users out there? We have also just purchased the inelllitune, although the Mac version. I asked about the pc version, but Rich Vitale from agfa said that there haven't been and installs yet, and the two are identical, aside from the look of the interface. It stands to...
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    Printing/Typesetting Nostalgia Site

    Re: Printing/Typesetting Nostalgia Site I have actually been on the hotmetal web site, and it's really enjoyable to take a trip down amensia lane. I started in the family business of newspaper printing over 20 years ago. My grandfather used to have 3 linotypes (before my days here, but I still...

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