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    HUV Ink and stochastic screening

    Dear colleagues, has anybody of you experience with stochastic screening (preferably Staccato) and HUV ink (Komori)? What about TVI - it is uncorrected TVI comparable to uncorrected TVI at conventional print process? What about printing dot quality? Thanks for any insight! Best regards, Kamil...
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    Prinergy Connect / InSite problem

    Dear colleagues, please, help me with strange Prinergy/InSite issue. Installed it's Prinergy Connect 6.1.2 a InSite 6.7.1., and, to the my best knowledge, behavior of the system changed, literally overnight. Some of the functionality has gone, some is different. Nothing has changed even after...
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    Print problem - bigger dots (Kodak Evo, Maxtone, chinese plates)

    Hello friends, please, can you help me with strange behavior we saw on printed magazine ... There are some stripes on printed page, and i mean on one page from eight on signature, and on particular place on this page, all others pages are OK. This artefact is exactly same through entire print...
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    Prinergy EVO Hi-res print JTP problem

    Hi all, We are using Prinergy Evo 5.3 for some years. From yesterday we have problem with hi-res printing jtp processor. Jobs are stopping and waiting just before entering processor. If we set priority to "urgent", data are raster immediately without problems. We have free space on the disk...
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    Softproofing with Eizo LCD and CP2000 - lighting conditions?

    We are installing EIZO LCD for softproofing with the console CP 2000. Color matching is good, but the picture on the screen is darker than on the sheet. I think the light console is set too high. The monitor is set to 160 cd/m2. Light reflected from the sheet is measured by the eye-one pro...
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    Magnum 800 Quantum - loose laser head?

    Dear all, our platesetter Magnum 800 Quantum had now twice in very short delay (cca 2 weeks) same problem - device stoped working and Kodak technician says we have loose laser head, which is (according to technician) very rare problem. Threy suspect that someone damaged device intentionally or...
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    XPO 64-bit compatibility and Prinergy disk usage ...

    Dear all, i need to know if Kodak XPO does support 64-bit OS. We want upgrade from 32-bit Windows Server 2003 to 64-bit Windows Server 2008 and we have Prinergy and Xpo installed on the same machine. We have XPO 3.2.49 ... And my second question: is Prinergy using system HD singnificantly? We...
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    Staccato 10 micro - Magnus 8OO quantum

    Dear all, we can run Staccato 25 micro with decent print quality and repeatability. Some buyers want Staccato 10 micro, but i am not sure that this is achievable with our equipment. I understand all this stuff about printing press, certified thermal plates etc, but for now, my primary concern is...
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    Komori H-UV

    Dear fellow, repeating my wish from another thread: i am looking for any real-world information about Komori H-UV presses (experiences, printing quality, plate compatibility, etc, etc). It would be great to see press in real application, preferably somewhere in EU, but even any info here at...
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    Prinergy EVO and Polar cutter

    Please, can anybody specify the way the cutting data are handled in Prinergy Evo? I think that this is feature of the imposition app, in this case Preps, which send data to the CompuCut, but someone claims that Prinergy is capable to generate this kind of data too, via JDF. I can find no way how...
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    Komori H-UV System

    Dear all, is there anybody with some real experiences with Komori H-UV? Seems like very interesting machine ... it was be great to see this machine at work in any location in EU, if any. Any info (other than generic vendor info, which i have) will be really much appreciated. All the best! KamilT
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    KBA 162a ductor setting

    Can anybody suggest good usual value ("starting point") for ductor setting (%) ? (GD cardboard, Huber Resista) .. We are facing to pressman controversy (people at different shifts) ... ductor vs key's vs water ... I understand that this question is somewhat "dumb" ... i will appreciate any...
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    Impurities in print to carboard GD

    Hello all, can you please view the problem with printing on the GD board 250 gsm. We performed a calibration at clients plant, density (with respect to compliance with ISO 12647-2) has been set at about 1.5 chromatic and 1.7 black. The results are very good. Colors OK, TVI is OK, crisp prints in...

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