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    Consolidated Saddle Stitcher

    My problem is with the Head and Foot blades. I put new ones on and think I may have them backwards they are coming down sorda straight down without a scissor action and it just sounds too loud. Like a dull blade on a normal cutter. Before I go through the trouble of switching them around I...
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    Paper Brightness Question

    I'm new with estimating. I have a quote I'm working on that is a good paying customer. The minimum brightness of the paper they need say 97. The only 97 I've found is 232.87/cwt. I've found some Accent Opaque with a brightness of 96 for 80.00/cwt. Should I call the customer and talk to them...
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    Spray Powder GTO 52

    Our Spray Powder is not coming on at all. Think maybe we burned the motor up? Anybody have any suggestions?
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    Can anybody give good advice on gluing notepads together and keeping them from gluing back together after they have been separated and boxed? Thanks in advance.
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    LCD monitor

    Anybody have any good things to say about a particular brand of LCD monitor. My CRT is going out (10 years old) and I do almost all of my proofing with my monitor. Problem is we have a ton of CRT's around here. My Dell LCD at home works fairly well with my G5 which is exactly what I use at...
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    GTO DDS dampening problems

    Hello everybody, my experience with the GTO and DDS system is very little. First off our pressman quit and I had to learn the GTO the hard way only having operator experience on a half web. Fortunately I have had some helper experience on Heidelberg 72's. I noticed on the 4th unit Yellow that...

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