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    XMF imposition problem

    Hi, we have had the same problem.
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    XMF and Xerox

    DO XMF support the EFI® Fiery® Bustled Controller from a Xerox DC 242
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    Hi We used preps before and after 2-3 days xmf is just fine smart marks is no problem the have a similar feature, so dont worry.
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    do your coustumers have problems opening the proof.jar files on mac? What can you do to solve the problem?
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    We'll be installing 2.0, 21. january, so I'll let you know how it goes Hans M
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    Where is FujiFilm in the workflow forums listing ?? No XMF ? No CelebraNT ?

    we start using xmf in a couple of months, cant wait we are using the brisque workflow today
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    Fuji XMF vs. Prinergy Evo

    We use the Brisque vers. 5 and want to update the workflow, which workflow would you guys recommend fuji XMF or Kodak Prinergy Evo

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