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    Screen Ctp /avalon N8 agfa software support

    Thanks guys, for the reply . This machine is used ctp from Italy & machine name Avalon N8 , still italy,but customer has 2 ctp , he want to sell only one & he will use the apogee software for his machine , asking to arrange locally only software . cable & card in side machine is working well. is...
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    Help with Agfa Palladio problem

    hai, even we have a palldio machine , may be u r problem with developer , may be old or there is no circulation . before u get u r new plates try cleaning u r developer & check for the circulation.
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    Screen Ctp /avalon N8 agfa software support

    Hello frineds, now we plan to but a new used Ctp second hand , but customers say he has no software machine is 4 years old can we use any software for this machine like scren software or agfa software , can this s/w be used . if any body have to sell s/w plz tell us how u will support from u r...
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    palaldio II plates settings for fuji plates .

    Assalam ,Dear all service engg 's I am using an Avalon V4 ( Palladio II )with vpp 68 it was running on Agfa Aspire plates until recently we have some issues with supplier so we need to switch with fuji brillia Lp nv chemistry is also fro fuji the dev but gum is of agfa rc 795 . we are able to...
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    Paladio 2 or press problems?

    palladio compatibilty with fuji plates palladio compatibilty with fuji plates Hello, I have an avalon V4 ( palladio II ) ctp with vpp 68 processor, i have been using Agfa N91 v due to supply shortage here in our region i have to opt for Fuji brillia Lp NV plates , but i am getting background...

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