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  1. Danny Whitehead

    Help with RGB color on a sign

    It's going to have to be screen printed, or they're going to have to change their corporate colour significantly. They're going to do the latter sooner or later anyway. It's just unfortunate that you're going to be the first to inform them of their mistake (unless they've already been told and...
  2. Danny Whitehead

    PANTONE vs CMYK gamut checker

    If I understand you, you're looking to find the closest Pantone solid to the closest CMYK build to a particular Pantone solid. So for instance, Orange 021 C would become 166 C. I'd use Photoshop. Make sure you have the desired CMYK profile set as your working space, and that the Pantone swatch...
  3. Danny Whitehead

    Brand colors in CMYK - Spot Matching System (SMS)

    He isn't. You've identified the problem accurately enough, but I'm almost certain this solution will fail, not least because there's already a better one - a combination of ICC-based colour management, an understanding of the limitations of different media, and an understanding of the brand...
  4. Danny Whitehead

    File Compression for CtP

    The better (and eventually, the only) option will be increasing your storage capacity, rather than messing about throwing away data or deteriorating quality to save a few GB.
  5. Danny Whitehead

    What Were / Are Better Times?

    I miss the days of the scribes. Print made us stupid.
  6. Danny Whitehead

    PDF Workflow Question

    Has there ever been any discussion about changing Acrobat's default to have overprint preview switched on for all PDFs, not just PDF/X?
  7. Danny Whitehead

    PDF Workflow Question

    Surely that would be invisible regardless of viewer or overprint preview? It's not applicable to this situation, but I tend to use the Multiply blend mode a lot these days instead of overprint, as it doesn't require overprint preview to display correctly. The vast majority of our work is only...
  8. Danny Whitehead

    Color Management Fundamentals

    You'd hope that reps would be capable of translating pre-press' straight talk into helpful advice, but it's rarely been the case in my experience. I've heard "oh, so you want me to tell them they're idiots?" or similar plenty of times.
  9. Danny Whitehead

    Color Management Fundamentals

    That's an irreconcilable contradiction. Open an shut, as far as I'm concerned. The only solution is to educate the customer into using a consistent build.
  10. Danny Whitehead

    The New Excuse

    A related story that I'm not sure has been brought up here was about our (UK) new, post-Brexit passports. The right-leaning folk here who voted for Brexit, would generally have it that France's more socialist system makes them less competitive. Then, guess where the contract to print the...
  11. Danny Whitehead

    Whats with the trend of New Files from Client?

    Trend? I guess how you deal with it depends on the extent of the fixes you have to make each time they send a revised file, and how much you can automate them. For instance, we have one client who's attempting the world record for different ways to specify Pantone 186 U + black in one file, so...
  12. Danny Whitehead

    Workflow Proposal

    ...and we'll do everything we can to make sure it doesn't.
  13. Danny Whitehead

    Recommended InDesign settings for exporting to PDF for digital printing?

    PDF/X-4:2008. Judging by your other thread, you're considering non-APPE RIPs. I'd advise against that, but some of the problems you'll face with old Postscript RIPs might be overcome by using PDF/X-1a:2001.
  14. Danny Whitehead

    Digital Book

    Depends what equipment you have, what the workload's like on your machines, and the EXACT quantity and page count. And I wouldn't even presume 'digital'. It could potentially be economical to run 1000 on a one-colour press.
  15. Danny Whitehead

    Hazing the Intern

    This intern could really turn the tables by returning with a box of those halftone contact screens I vaguely remember using in the darkroom to screen photos.
  16. Danny Whitehead

    Hazing the Intern

    ...he wrote, while scanning the ink shelf for Pantone Tartan.
  17. Danny Whitehead

    The Printer's Burden

    ...especially when it results in body parts disappearing into the gutter . I remember being fascinated with things like registration marks and colour bars, and how books were bound since I was barely able to read them... which of course meant taking them apart.
  18. Danny Whitehead

    Are you kidding me?

    As Gordo suggested, Lab values will probably be better than scans, so I'm pretty sure its a spectrophotometer reading job rather than a scanning job. I'm sure there will be ways to automate some of it, depending on software and hardware you have, and there will be people here with better ideas...
  19. Danny Whitehead

    100% K photoshop PDF prints murky

    But how else are they supposed to apply 15 different layer styles to body text, and really drive their message home?
  20. Danny Whitehead

    What colors do you see?

    We used to call orange yellow-red until we got the fruit, and blue and green have the same word in old Chinese, so I guess it's more semantics than colour perception.

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