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    Adobe Color Management switches unexpectedly to Fogra 39

    Ulrich is right, you have to have the actual ICC profiles in place. The settings file contains references, but not the profiles itself. The place where the ICC profiles should be: /Library/ColorSync/Profiles. If you place the profiles into the Recommended subfolder (actually an alias to the...
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    Offset machine inspection in central Europe

    Where is the site to be visited?
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    Operating Without Supplies Contract...

    That's a very important point. I remember when our (then brand new) Konica C1085 developed a strange problem after an accidental, neighborhood-wide power outage. They said the motherboard has to be replaced - when they did, it solved the problem eventualy. After awhile I asked the service tech...
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    Operating Without Supplies Contract...

    I see shops doing it, but mostly with old(ish) machines, producing mediocre quality jobs for the average Joe, coming in from the cold. Professional printers tend to corner the vendors (make them fight for the client), eventually lowering the click charge significantly. As I see, the drive behind...
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    Some quality issue questions

    1 - Unacceptable, the printer has to take care of press room hygiene. 2 - Of course, not, the customer expects zero errors. 3 - Artwork must be clear of defects and artifacts. 4 - We call them "cleaning sheets". 650 examples is not a small quantity for an art book, today. I would consider it a...
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    AccurioPress... Is it fine getting second hand used?

    That depends on the previous owner. The more money (and culture) the owner had, the better the machine's condition. That said, you'd better buy a second-hand machine from a mature market like Europe or the USA. The majority of the machines at those areas are running under Konica's contract, so...
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    Paper Shortage?

    There are paper shortages in large and small quantity supply, too. We had to offer alternative materials for some customers, since the original paper is unavailable at the warehouse.
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    AccurioPress vs AccurioPrint vs Bizhub

    Hello. Those machines working according to the 'xerographic" principle, so they fix the ink by heat on the paper. Once fixed, the text and images are very stable. Water might ruin the top layer of the paper, and that's when the ink (wax) layer may come off. But it takes a lot of water (like...
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    Price Competition

    You are still "expensive", "overpriced", no matter what!
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    Has Covid killed the business card?

    No, that's an old habit, shall I say, tradition. The shoemaker's shoes are always holey. This is to prove he's caring about the clients' jobs over anything else.
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    Has Covid killed the business card?

    "Obviously it saves lots of paper being wasted," - this is the most nefarious skew targeting the business for decades. What about PET bottles which lifecycle is counted in minutes if not seconds, albeit their degradation time might be several hundred years? What about the forced replacement of...
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    Perfect Binding glue recommendation please

    There must be a temperature regulator somewhere, maybe under the hood. I can't imagine a binding machine being manufactured without this vital part. The current glue's viscosity is lower than what you've used before, so you have to decrease the temperature significantly. We use Planatol (a...
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    Kodak Insite

    My favourite mail-tester, again: Newsletters spam test by
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    Kodak Insite

    Office 365 is very picky about the regularity of the email headers. If any attribute (unknown to even an advanced user) is not up to the latest specs, the mail will be rejected. Make sure you set up everything correctly with Newsletters spam test by
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    Multiple RIPs within workflow

    Your production policy seems to be a most reasonable one. After letting it go, all the departments will start to tinker with setting - maybe on a job-by-job base. At the end, there will be multi-media jobs which have the same intention but different results. The only way to do it IMHO is to...
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    Small Perfect Binder

    PUR vs. EVA: with PUR you can reliably bind coated stock, while EVA must 'seep' into the stock, which isn't going to happen with today's coated stocks. Some manufacturers claim that their glue, which can be handled like EVA will perform almost like PUR. Eg. Sterling offers such excellent...
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    Printing Olympics

    With Prinect Axis Control (on Heidi machines) the 1st sheet must be signed. If I see a bit too much magenta here and there, they say I'm colorblind, and the machine measured and set everything to perfection... :)
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    Fiery XF 6.5 and RGB pdf-s help needed

    I would not automatize this way, because you will have different versions of the file proofed, then RIPped and printed. Fiery XF will convert the RGB using one flavor, then Apogee will convert the RGB using a different method. Albeit the two conversion routines might be very close to each other...
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    Agfa Proset 9400 capstan getting "sticky" and "whitish"

    I wish you good luck with the cleaning. I've been using these machines from 1990 until 2007, ProSet 9400, 9800, then a 9550. Well-built, dependable devices with minimal hassle. Nice to hear that they're still working somewhere.
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    Agfa Proset 9400 capstan getting "sticky" and "whitish"

    The rubber surface of the capstan reached it's end of life. With continuous use it might be postponed - as in your case - but when it's tossed away for a while, the plastic starts to disintegrate eventually. I had the same issue with an old printers' rollers. The solution was to exchange all the...

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