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  1. Craig

    Anyone running into CMS compliance?

    I received a letter from one of the hospitals we do printing for. They state as a vendor we may fall under CMS compliance for vaccine mandates. I feel that is incorrect as we would fall under OSHA if anything and they have suspended their ETS. We do have one hospital with desktop delivery, but...
  2. Craig

    Toner / colordrum issue xerox versant

    Hey Brett - Based on what you have said above I was digging through my 180 toner. I have date codes the read W2 9051 and W5 172. Either Xerox completely changed something or we got some Back To The Future stuff going on.
  3. Craig

    Dyna-Cut Rotary Die Cutter

    Try curling the front edge the opposite direction. If you are running rolls how are you getting the registration from sheet to sheet? You may be better off with a Graphtec fc9000. To be honest our experience with the beta testing lead me to believe they still had more work to do in the delivery...
  4. Craig

    Dyna-Cut Rotary Die Cutter

    We did the beta testing on this machine. Does the die have foam in it to help push out the label from the die? If not I would start with that.
  5. Craig

    FusionPro vs Freeform Create...

    Benefits | PSL by Jet Letter You really should try it and see how it puts Fusion Pro to shame.
  6. Craig

    Xante Impressia

    Probably adhesive being heated up and transferring on the back.
  7. Craig

    Flawless BW production printer

    I had a 1250 that had 13 million on it but it was FAR from the utopia you describe.
  8. Craig

    FusionPro vs Freeform Create...

    PSL Pagebuilder will put Fusion Pro to shame when it comes to speed. I'm talking 1000's of records per second fast.
  9. Craig

    ACM cutting for small signs

    Look at a Fletcher cutter. Can be wall mounted or free standing.
  10. Craig

    Small Quick Print Business Looking for MIS/MGMT Software

    But the price is right for small shops.
  11. Craig

    small printer for printing on Envelopes 89mm x 152mm

    Just a thought. Search for an envelope converter and print the sheets and have them convert,
  12. Craig

    Envelope Printing

    We went through 5 doors. It's a known issue with how the spring is attached. We finally have the new style door that uses metal and not a plastic attachment for the spring. Plan about 30 minutes to change and make sure it has the new attachment.
  13. Craig


    We use this 1500 Die Cutting Press W/ Stand, Air Accumulator, And Two Hand no Tie Down We have a 3 up die that is designed to accept trimmed cards and stack 30 at a time (10 per slot) and cut. Not the fastest but just about anyone with 5 minutes of training can use it.
  14. Craig

    Standalone Creaser or Creaser/Slitter/Cutter

    As one who has a Graphic Whizard PT 335SCC with about 600,000 sheets, 2 million creases and 3 million cuts I will say it has some major week points. If you are going to put ANY volume on it I would shy away. Don't even thing of perforating on it either, it is absolute waste because the perf bar...
  15. Craig

    Small Quick Print Business Looking for MIS/MGMT Software

    Morning Flight: Printshop Estimating Software for Digital/Wide Format/Offset You cant go wrong with the price and ease of use. Great for small shops, we used it for many years but just outgrew it.
  16. Craig

    What are my options with a Xerox machine if I go out of business

    Make sure you don't personally guarantee the machine. Double check with your lawyer. Though I have to ask. If you are even thinking you may be going out of business why are you signing a contract on a new machine?
  17. Craig

    Die Cutting 1000 sheets/day 400 gsm

    My favorite is his employees prefer a table top cutter over a hydraulic! They obviously never ran a programmable cutter😂 Please boss, can I sit here for 2 hours and cut these 500 sheets? I'd hate to be able to do that in 5 minutes and actually have each one the same size!!!
  18. Craig

    Xante Enpress New Drum uses Fuse Blow to reset counters

    You can over ride the drum usage, my wife does it all the time. I'll post the instructions when I get back to the shop tomorrow.
  19. Craig

    How cheap are Riso inkjet printers to run?

    That's a bit high, you may want to take a look at a new machine. $.04 each up to 13x19, I've seen proposals as low as $.035.
  20. Craig

    How cheap are Riso inkjet printers to run?

    Having a GD7335 there is no way in hell it's going to be .001 per. More like .01 without a maintenance contract. Don't even think of using non OEM ink, the colors are no where close. The black is about a 85% gray.

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