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    Ricoh C7210 Envelope printing

    I've had success with feeding from tray 2 on my Ricoh C5300. I put them in flap up and flap side towards wall(so feed edge is the short side), away from operator. They come out perfect, no wrinkles. Have to use the 'Envelope setting' so the machine knows not to pinch too tight.
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    small printer for printing on Envelopes 89mm x 152mm

    Hi there. I just happen to have an Okidata envelope printer, with the straight shooter stack feeder and conveyor on exit to go along with it. The printer is a Cx3641, with built in RIP. Let me know if you are interested. I am in North Bay, Ontario.
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    Screens for Fiery or just Remote Desktop?

    Hello Deckm00, I have the E-27B rip with the Ricoh 5300S. I've found that since the RIP doesn't have a GUI, I cannot select a method of shut down, so in case of having Hydro surges when I'm not around(gone home for the day or weekend) there can be no damage caused to this very sensative Linux...
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    skewed paper in booklets

    Well back with some news. I am having Ricoh draw up a deal on a C651ex. They will take back the C5100 minus depreciative costs, and supply the same click charge with a small decrease on colour clicks. I am glad to see that they are prepared to take one away and offer a new certified machine in...
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    skewed paper in booklets

    I will be speaking with the division manager this week and hopefully he can be of better assistance. Thank you all for your replies. To 'Pricenegotiator'; the booklet is a self cover, using all 'futura laser gloss' 80lb coated text. I don't have this problem with uncoated stocks, Even if I put a...
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    skewed paper in booklets

    No Title I am uploading 4 pics to show the concern. I had a tech here twice today and both times he fixed things short term, but still having the same issue, but I really think it's an issue with heat and static cling making the sheets not stay in line when going into the folder/finisher to be...
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    A Printer for Photobook,Children's Books

    Hello msaeger, I am reading about the Plockmatic booklet maker you've suggested for the post above, and I am curious if it is an internal add-on, or a whole new booklet finishing unit? I just had to do 100 books which were 86 pages including cover and could not do it with the current booklet...
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    skewed paper in booklets

    Hi Priceline. I don't have any of those booklets left. After trimming and delivering to the client, the rest went into the trash. Sorry, no pics. But if I experience similar troubles I will be sure to upload pics.
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    skewed paper in booklets

    Alois, I don't know about the A? numbers, but I can say I am using 18 x 12 coated text, and the booklets are a 16 page self cover. I am not running conventional offset, but using digital printing technology, specifically the Ricoh Pro C5100s. 4 sheets = 8 spreads, printed 4/4 collated, folded in...
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    skewed paper in booklets

    Thank you Possumgal. I appreciate the feedback. I'll check if the rollers have been cleaned by the tech.
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    New Install - Ricoh Pro C7110SX

    Msaeger, thank you for the response, I posted a new thread, asking about the finisher gathering sheets for a booklet, and the sheets getting skewed, then folding skewed and stapling skewed. The post is in the Digital Printing Discussion area if you might know if that's common or not. Thanks.
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    New Install - Ricoh Pro C7110SX

    Hi Shawnd, no the Pass Unit was not even present when the tech wanted to put a fan in place. Apparently the one he had mounted to the side of the finisher? I've never heard of this before.
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    skewed paper in booklets

    Hello, I am sorry if this has been covered somewhere else, but I have looked and not been successful. My current problem...Using the Ricoh Pro C5100s, making multipage booklets, full colour on Futura Laser Gloss, either 80lb or 100lb coated text, 18 x 12, or 17 x 11, I am finding that the sheets...
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    New Install - Ricoh Pro C7110SX

    Hello Please let me know how you arranged to have the Buffer Pass Unit installed Free. I am going through the same issues, with blocking/bricking plus skewed coated sheets when making books. It is a really bad problem. My own local service company does not even know what a Buffer...

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