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    Small bug in rendered 3D output

    When using a 6-to-view (12pp section) saddle stitch, rendered 3D seems to offset some pages vertically, either direction. It may be happening where the impo pages sit foot-to-foot. Haven't had time to track it today. FFEI have confirmed it occurs on the JDF-based patterns, as well as home-brewed...
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    Custom Trim mark not rendering

    Created a 6x0.4mm mark, saved as a PDF, as required for XMF. Placed them easily in the required 4 spots. They look OK in Document mode, but when viewed in Rendered Mode, no show. Got a hunch that I'm under the required Media Box size for them to render properly. Shall try a nudge-up of that in...
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    Error message

    Anyone seen this one? 'Unable to hold separation due to Invalid Data'. Had output 1x4 col set a few hours before. Brought in replacement page...was the only change. Rest of the job to be plated. The error message occurred at the last step, when verifying which seps to release. On the one job...
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    JAR files from XMF

    Anyone here doing JAR files Exported form XMF, for 'turn-the-page' proofing? On initial tests am finding about half recipients only, can open them. Obviously there is/are Java elements missing on their systems, usually older MS, such as XP which has not been updated, but nobody seems to be able...

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