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    spinner motor replacement

    My bet would be that when you put the new spin motor in, it isn't straight. It's probably slightly tilted in the holder, and so the laser is slightly out of focus, especially if it varies across the direction around the drum.
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    Creo Thermal head hours reset?

    Thanks for your wisdom. That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I wouldn't want to deceive my customers and let them think a refurbed laser I sold them has thousands of hours on it if I just replaced it with a new one.
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    Creo Thermal head hours reset?

    Hi, I'm looking for anyone with info on how to reset the hour count on a Creo Thermal Head. We're putting in fresh lasers, and the results will speak for themselves, but psychologically, people will want to see the odometer back at zero. If anyone knows this, thanks in advance.
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    config password

    Does anyone know the password for configuring an MCE Trendsetter to a different product?
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    independent kodak service

    Kodak Service Kodak Service I service Trendsetters, but where are you located?
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    Screen PT-R 8000 II diodes

    Best Service and value Best Service and value Hi, I can supply the laser diodes, worldwide. $750 apiece and I accept paypal or credit cards. I can do some phone support along with that. I also can do the installation if you need it. I would do an optical cleaning (which often results in the...
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    A question of "high-end" scanning.

    I work on the Screen scanners, from 888, 757, 747, 608, to the desktops units. The best is the SG-8060, which they only stopped making just 2 or 3 years ago. This one uses the same large drum as the old 757s, and even the same photomultipliers, yet is compact and runs the desktop software with...
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    Thinking about a Screen PT-R4100

    ok, it's a good machine, but the 4100 has 16 diodes rather than 32 like the 4000 of that age. So, if you're doing chemical free, it depends which plate you're using (and also the size) So of the Agfa plate need a lot of power, and the Screen machines have to slow down the drum to almost half...
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    Decision: Creo Trendsetter 800 or Agfa Azura

    also, if you get the Trendsetter, and not a contract, make sure to use a low power plate. 8-9 watts or less would be fine. Some of the Agfa plates like Azurra get set to 14 watts, lowering the life of the head. A Screen CTP is usually more economical.
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    Plate Size

    That's about the tolerance right there, 1.5 mm or so. It checks the measurement in both directions, and both directions , and each direction has it issues. On a Pos plate, especially, the horizontal measure across the drum is needed for clearing out the image on plate. If it were wrong, it...
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    Screen Scanner software?

    Thanks everyone, I found it on an unlabeled disk luckily. Scanner is spinning away!
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    Tints in solids?

    interesting RGP, interesting RGP, I seem to remember seeing this in solids too, but it was so long ago! It must be a bug in the software, because making a new curve solved the problem. Also, it seems like having "Force Solids" checked would solve this, but it didn't. Again, I don't like the...
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    Tints in solids?

    Thanks Davec, I went there today, just got home. When we turned Calibration off (select none for 'calibration') the images were fine, solida were solid. With it on, the solids had tiny dot screens. This happened even on the Calibration strip, so I knew it couldn't be settings in the jobs, etc. I...
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    Tints in solids?

    I was working on an ECRM imagesetter last week. I was there for the RIP mainly, as I don't work on that imagesetter. (If anyone has directions for cleaning the optics, I'd love to know how!) I did an exposure test, as the initial jobs looked overexposed, and the first calibration curve was way...
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    Strange problem with calibration on Screen PT-R 4000

    When you say the Iopd is around 600, I assume you mean (Iop-Iopd), since Iopd is a constant for the lasers, to each individual one. Strange, as a large number wouldn't be a problem? I wonder if the job going to it is your usual resolution, as a resolution you never used might not be set up for...
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    Trendetter can't turn focus on

    please restate your problem, with as many details as you can. Has this machine been installed for some time, did the problem just start happening, intermittent or not? was a media change made lately, was the head changed lately, etc. Where are you, at least what country? Someone might know a...
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    Trendetter can't turn focus on

    Right Vlad! I'd say he should get someone in that's done this before. deinstall the head, possibly take off debris removal shrouds, clean the lens, reinstall the head... difficult to instruct someone over emails... oh, and for free too.
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    Trendetter can't turn focus on

    Could be a dirty lens. You need to take the head off to clean it properly. That's the first thing I'd check.
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    Trendsetter stops plating - any ideas?

    well, if none of the steps are taken, the worst case scenario is logically where you are today. If the plate errors out at the same location(s) all the time, it does look like a cable issue. Perhaps reseating them, or giving them more slack will let the problem go away. You can also mask the...
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    Trendsetter stops plating - any ideas?

    An error is reported when a stroke clock or IMAGING cycle is incorrect or missing. In most cases, addressing the underlying hardware fault should remove the error condition. To remove the error: 1. Replace the data cables to the head, including the hotlink cable. 2. Re-seat all cables and cards...

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