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  1. Magnus

    Switch stupid question

    You should use the Pitstop Server configurator to do this.
  2. Magnus

    Soft proofing - Are all bets off?

    Ignoring the input CMYK profile should result in the same result as in setting the output profile to "none", since your wanted behavior is "do not convert CMYK images in RIP". Well I hope you got a solution that works for you now.
  3. Magnus

    Soft proofing - Are all bets off?

    What RIP software are you using and what settings are there? I would also suggest that you turn off color management for CMYK objects in the RIP. That setting might be called ’ignore embedded CMYK profiles’ or similar.
  4. Magnus

    X-Rite i1Profiler - Black generation (GCR) problem

    After some support from an engineer at X-Rite I was told to click the ’Full black separation” check box. (Never tried it..) This solved the issue with to much of cmy in the highlights.
  5. Magnus

    X-Rite i1Profiler - Black generation (GCR) problem

    A colleague of mine was helpful and generated three ICC-profiles from the following profiling softwares: 1. Profile Maker 5 2. Prinect Color Toolbox 3. Binuscan Profiler It seems like the problem (or anomaly) is indeed i1Profiler...
  6. Magnus

    X-Rite i1Profiler - Black generation (GCR) problem

    Here the CGATS-file with the characterization data if anyone could try calculate the profile in an other software with similar GCR settings.
  7. Magnus

    X-Rite i1Profiler - Black generation (GCR) problem

    Hi, I'm making a CMYK icc-profile for our HP Indigo Press with X-rite i1Profiler (v 3.3.0) and i1Pro2 (IO-table). For production reasons (metamerism etc) I would like maximum GCR and black start at 0. But although I put all sliders to the max the final ICC-profile generates a lot of CMY in near...
  8. Magnus

    The best 'do-it-all' imposing software for Switch?

    Hi, we are a mid-size printer that are looking for a new imposing software to use with Enfocus Switch. We do sheet-fed digital printing (SRA3), web-fed digital printing, sheet-fed offset and large format printing. Today we use different imposing software for the different output's, but we are...
  9. Magnus

    Xrite i1Profiler

    I've made som 7-color profiles with i1Profiler and I merged the separations EPS's in Photoshop as CMYK + 3 channels PSD-file. Then I placed the PSD in Indesign and export as PDF/X-4. Worked fine but the process is far from perfect..
  10. Magnus

    PDF colour changed unexpectedly

    If spot color is used and two objects have the same spot color name, but different 'alternate colorspace' the same file could look different in different Acrobat readers since the first spot color the software 'sees' will determine what the other objects with the same named spot color will look...
  11. Magnus

    IML colour management question

    ∆E tolerance is something that is agreed between the printer and the client, it doesn't necessary depend on the printing method. If the printer claim's to print within the tolerances of eg ISO 12647-2:2013 and the client agrees with this in the qoute, then the tolerances of the printed job shall...
  12. Magnus

    Printing Fogra47 on 52 papers

    "We have to continue creating our PDF with a Fogra 47 output intent." If I was in your shoes I would setup a parallell workflow for Fogra 52, you will probably need it eventually anyway.
  13. Magnus

    Mac files won't work in hot folder

    I have seen similar issues. I recommend to install 'Acronis Files Connect' (former ExtremeZ-IP) on the Windows side and then connect to the win from the Mac using AFP. This will probably solve your issues.
  14. Magnus

    Is XCMYK a real thing yet?

    I would like to hear Fogra/GMG's comments regarding XCMYK.. If I understand this correctly this is just another CMYK-profile with higher SID's then Fogra51/Fogra39. Of course the gamut will expand a bit. I think that many printers (and bookbinders!) will have problems with reaching the SID's...
  15. Magnus

    Wideformat Artwork Setup workflow

    Agfa Asanti should be able to handle PDF/X-4 files (mixed CMYK and RGB) and convert the RGB-data to the printer profile. A good start would be to save/export your artwork as PDF/X-4 from Illustrator/Indesign.
  16. Magnus

    One CMYK-profile to rule them all?

    Thanks for your input Cementary, I tried to answer most of your questions below. I think that this (a good generic CMYK profile like F53) might make it easier for the designer/customers in the long term. Our typical customer are exporting files for alot of different media, web/video/social...
  17. Magnus

    One CMYK-profile to rule them all?

    Magical super duper profile? It's just an CMYK ICC-profile with a large gamut. We ARE educating our customers on daily basis and I'm also holding classes on this topic. I get your point and understand what you are saying, but I'm not very fond of your pessimistic tone. Since this forum attracts...
  18. Magnus

    One CMYK-profile to rule them all?

    If you read my first post in this thread you will see that I mentioned eciRGB (as not so successful). Please take the time to read through the posts before start bashing. I started this post to discuss the pros and cons of eciCMYK, and the workflow it would acquire. You might wanna contribute...
  19. Magnus

    One CMYK-profile to rule them all?

    Yeah, go to sarcasm. We really need more sarcasm and bitterness in this industry, then it will bloom again.
  20. Magnus

    One CMYK-profile to rule them all?

    Of course you would have to setup the RIP in a such way that solids stays solids and a C100 M040 Y000 K000 only contain Cyan and Magenta after the conversion, eg C100 M032 Y000 K000 (Same as basic DeviceLink rules). Yes, this would need to acquire PDF/X-4 or newer. Agreed. True, it could...

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