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    It's the Job

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    Back in the Day

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    Environmentally Conscious

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    Who Pays?

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    After the Consultant

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    Landa Digital Printing webinar

    On Wednesday, November 3 at 1pm ET Landa will be hosting a webinar on the current state of Nanography. Representatives from Landa will provide an update on the company and its growing installed base of uses, as well as recap the value proposition of the company’s Nanography technology and...
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    Salary Expected

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    The Alternative

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    Struggling newspaper asks for donations

    The Tampa Bay Times with about 120 newsroom employees, in March 2020, scaled back production of its printed newspaper to two days a week in an effort to overcome advertising losses and is now asking philanthropic readers for donations to support its reporters:
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    Paper Excellence makes $10,000 donation

    Paper Excellence marked the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation by donating $10,000 to Tseshaht First Nation. The funds will go towards an Alberni Indian Residential School (AIRS) commemoration/memorial to honour all the children who attended the school, and those that did not make...
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    About spray powder

    Do you use spray powder when running Heidelberg HUV ink? I couldn't find any info on Heidi's websites.
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    Some quality issue questions

    This is about art books printed on uncoated paper on a press run of 650. 1 - Is it normal or expected that areas of color would have defects like dust and paper fibres? 2 - if so would you tell the customer that will happen before you run the job? 3 - How many defects in such a press run is...
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    The Rush Job

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    Price Competition

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    Salary Top Up

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    Has Covid killed the business card?

    And encouraged the adoption of QR codes? Click the link below:
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    Ensuring Customer Loyalty

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