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  1. Dov Isaacs

    PDF Export Question for InDesign - Acrobat 10 & Later

    I will confirm that the “recommendation” offered by those techs is nothing but absolute and total BS. As @namelessentity recommends, you should use PDF/X-4 export from InDesign, making sure that you don't convert any colors during export (i.e., maintain in original color spaces with their ICC...
  2. Dov Isaacs

    Adobe Software

    Just go to the Adobe website <Adobe: Creative, marketing and document management solutions>. All the products are listed there.
  3. Dov Isaacs

    Pdf saved with/without Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities

    EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is an obsolete file format maintained for compatibility with PostScript-only workflows. It doesn't support live transparency or ICC color management (amongst other features). It also “supports” saving Illustrator source files but again, the actual Illustrator source...
  4. Dov Isaacs

    Pdf saved with/without Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities

    You can generally disqualify any PDF file that is a PDF/X or PDF/A file of any type. Illustrator's save as dialog simply doesn't allow for use of PDF standards with the “preserve editing capabilities” option. If a PDF file shows as a PDF/X or PDF/A file in Acrobat, it means that if the PDF file...
  5. Dov Isaacs

    Acrobat image compression

    To be very clear, I never used the work retire!
  6. Dov Isaacs

    Acrobat image compression

    Similarly, we wish that people stop murdering PDF files by pretending that Adobe Illustrator is a PDF file editor. Over the years, some of the most egregious problems that we have seen in PDF print publishing workflows have occurred when PDF files (other than those created by the same version of...
  7. Dov Isaacs

    Acrobat image compression

    I am neither saying nor inferring that. The compression type and quality setting for PDF export is totally independent of the compression type and quality of the placed images in InDesign (or Illustrator). That having been said, although PDF does allow for LZW image compression, virtually no one...
  8. Dov Isaacs

    Acrobat image compression

    For the vast majority of photographic images that are properly focused (and sharp) and not ridiculously cropped / magnified and then artificially up-rezzed, maximum quality JPEG compression in the PDF file used for printing typically yields perfectly acceptable results for the vast majority of...
  9. Dov Isaacs

    Acrobat image compression

    That really is not quite true! The default image compression for PDF/X-4 (and for that matter most of the joboptions for PDF export are as follows: Automatic (JPEG) is not the same as JPEG. You ask “what's the difference?” Good question! JPEG results in all images being JPEG-compressed with...
  10. Dov Isaacs

    Acrobat image compression

    @steppy , Of course you know that if your PDF file is any version beyond PDF 1.5, there in fact lossless ZIP compression applied to your object streams within your PDF file. Those object streams include but are not limited to all your text and vector content. Unless your systems and/or RIPs...
  11. Dov Isaacs

    Alternative to high resolution imagesetting

    Exactly what do you believe that there is in “new software” from Adobe that is “less and less compatible with older RIP imagesetter combinations?" I know of absolutely no features associated with printing from any Adobe graphic arts applications or even Acrobat to PostScript printers that have...
  12. Dov Isaacs

    ILLUSTRATOR lost font

    Making believe that Illustrator files were really PDF files was a marketing-driven decision made sometime back in the Illustrator 8 timeframe. I disagreed with it then and still do. Too many possible issues … and that's exactly why I make the recommendations that I do, for better or worse! - Dov
  13. Dov Isaacs

    ILLUSTRATOR lost font

    Remember that “Font” is a four letter word beginning with an ‘F’ … Quite frankly, we are not at all aware of any issues with saving PDF files from Adobe Illustrator in terms of fonts, assuming of course that the fonts in fact have at least preview and print embeddability permissions (in which...
  14. Dov Isaacs

    Editing a Normalized PDF in Illustrator

    Someone using my name in vain (if not on-line)? Sorry, wasn't aware of this thread and nobody contacted me directly. ☹ To be very, very clear about this. Adobe Illustrator is not, repeat is not, repeat yet again is not a general purpose PDF file editor, regardless of whatever high-priced...
  15. Dov Isaacs

    ILLUSTRATOR lost font

    Exactly how are you saving the Illustrator file? As a PDF with editing capability? Or as an Illustrator file with PDF compatibility? All bets are off on the latter and the former is not particularly good practice. The fonts embedded in the PDF portion of the files saved as PDF are not...
  16. Dov Isaacs

    Adobe co-founder who helped develop the PDF format dies

    Actually, to be a bit more concise, John Warnock was really the “inventor” of PDF, what was originally called The Camelot Project at Adobe (I've attached John Warnock's original document outlining the concepts). That having been said, if it wasn't for Chuck's unyielding encouragement and support...
  17. Dov Isaacs

    Apple Silicon / M1 Macbook Air & Macbook Pro

    FWIW, there are beta test versions of ARM-native Illustrator and InDesign available from Adobe. There are not yet such versions for Acrobat and certainly not for the Acrobat plug-ins that many of us use. I would concur that it is very likely that within half a year, you will not only see new...
  18. Dov Isaacs

    Font issues - Roboto for sure

    Actually, this is not true at all! Adobe is absolutely not forcing you (or anyone else) to use “cloud fonts.” If you unconditionally don't want to use the Adobe Fonts service, simply turn it off in the Creative Cloud Desktop Application. In the case of the Roboto fonts, install those fonts...
  19. Dov Isaacs

    Adobe Ending Support For Type 1 Fonts...

    Some Further Information With Regards to Deprecation of Type 1 Fonts: Adobe has announced its intention to end support for Type 1 fonts in January 2023. The full announcement may be found at Type 1 Font Announcement. We strongly recommend that any user of Adobe Creative Cloud applications as...
  20. Dov Isaacs

    PageMaker PMD to PDF

    Mazel Tov! :D

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