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    Konica c4080 vs RICOH 7200 series vs Canon IP C100100p

    It was the LCT. The software didn't communicate well with it. I believe everything came down to how software worked. It was quirky and the deck from ricoh just works
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    Konica c4080 vs RICOH 7200 series vs Canon IP C100100p

    I service the canon. Very good machine, I have one with about 34 million on it, one with almost 27 million. Definitely a print shop. I have another with, I think, closer to 7 million. That's more used for mailings. We do sell and service the ricoh. I don't service it, so I can't really...
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    Flawless BW production printer

    This is the list of approved inks,
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    Flawless BW production printer

    The KM1250 isn't made anymore, from what I heard KM was losing money on them. I know of a place that had one. They just replaced it with two of the 135, I believe, models. It would depend on your needs which machine is best. The VP6000 is fantastic, but it's not for every place that wants...
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    Flawless BW production printer

    It would depend on ink used. Oce/ canon(now) should have a list of inks that don't cause problems. The copypress technology preheats paper opening the fibers and cooking the ink out. (Does it to glues in the paper too, that's why the VP6000 has glue rollers and radiators).
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    I need a new B&W machine, opinions on the Titan?

    Service tech. It's a fantastic machine. Toner is actually in the paper. The system works by heating the paper, opening the fibers then pressing toner into it. You can check this by folding the paper in a black area. On a fixing roller machine, toner will crack leaving the white paper...
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    Help! Upgrading Versant and no clue

    I'm a service tech who works on canon imagepresses. I work on other brands as well. You should go and run samples on the machines and see what you like. The little imagepress can run for quite a while. I service one with over 17 million, they are rated for 10 million. It's still going...
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    Ricoh C5200s / KM AccurioPress 2070 / Canon Imagepress C710

    I would say if you're thinking about the canon, go with the prismaSync over the fiery. They now have a prismaSync light that's lower in cost, has fewer features. Color and registration control is better on the prismaSync, plus it can print further out on the page. For some reason the fiery...
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    Canon VarioPrint Speed

    It started life as the i300. That's actually been around a while. I'm not trained, but I've gotten to see the i300 while in training at canon. It's impressive. It's built on site. Has a big dryer to dry the ink in seconds. If it's like the i300 it will need to have water plumbed to it and...
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    Upgrading digital and other equipment

    Duplo and fiery are now sharing a template to make it easier. I've seen it on the Ricoh, but I've just seen fiery updates on canon for the same feature
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    Upgrading digital and other equipment

    I work for a dealership that sells Ricoh, Canon, Shap. The imagepress is a good machine, it's only rated for 167,000 a month. We figure it's a step below the 7200 in volume. The two machines make different looking prints as well. The Canon has more gloss, the ricoh is more flat. I would...
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    Ricoh killed my service contract during covid-19 now looking for advice on black and white machines.

    Now that I think of it, the little oce VP 115/130140 is very reliable. You do have to be picky with paper though.
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    Ricoh killed my service contract during covid-19 now looking for advice on black and white machines.

    5 of them and they dumped you??? That's crazy. You might still be able to get a rebuilt 6250 from canon. I honestly don't know if they still rebuild them. The price was lower than new.
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    Ricoh killed my service contract during covid-19 now looking for advice on black and white machines.

    That's crap that they would drop you. I service those machines and love them. That ricoh is the old digimaster. Not really ricoh's fault, I used to work on those as well. Even the little Oce VP110-140 would outperform it.
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    10010 ImagePress vs Iridesse

    I service them, got an imagepress 10000 with 29.5 million, an 8000 with over 24 million, an 8000 with over 8 million, and another with only around 6 million. They are pretty reliable. The 10010 should be even more so since updates that the 10000 got would be incorporated into it
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    Looking for recommendations on Large Format printer

    One other thing I'd mention about the oce/ canon Colorado, the inks have a shelf life. It's an excellent machine, prints on a great amount of media, not designed to be sitting around idle
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    Looking for recommendations on Large Format printer

    I service these. Impressive machine. Expensive though. It and the 1640 can both now do 2 sided.
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    Paper wrinkling (aka feathering or skeletel marks) on Oce Varioprint 6250

    I'm a tech that works on VarioPrints. A couple are close to 15 years old. Over 300 million on those. I can't imagine cutting them off. The wrinkling can also be caused by worn lower delivery inlet rollers. Those would be above the transfer belts. Transfer belts are something you as a...

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