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    Ink Rub-Resistance Testing

    Be sure to also test rub resistance with coating applied as well as without coating.
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    Conventional IML

    If UV is not an option,IML will work best with an oxybind or high solids inkset, along with an aqueous coating formulated for non porous substrates.
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    Light shades in non printing areas when using IPA free fountain solution

    Should also be noted that in addition to running the correct, and clean press chemistry, it is also of importance that the plate processor is set up and maintained properly. Ive seen the very problem you described traced back to a failure to keep pate processors clean, and replenished as per...
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    After the Consultant

    How many times ive seen consultants come in and make recommendations that a companies existing employees have been recommending for years. Upper managements inability to change is usually the cause. Its either perceived as too costly, or too time consuming. So much easier to point accusatory...
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    Some quality issue questions

    As far as dusting the sheet either before or during printing, i will say this.... Ive seen it greatly improve paper debris problems, and Ive also seen it do more harm, as a result of loosening up particles. Sizing of the paper can have the same effect. If you must size the sheet it is my...
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    SM52 Plate thickness

    have you considered installing permapaks on all of your plate cylinders?
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    Some quality issue questions

    The defects, as mentioned, could come from many possible places. The most likely would be from the stock. Did you spec a particular stock, and if so was it a premium branded sheet? Did your printer say or imply that they would provide the paper, and that it would be of a known quality? Was...
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    Algae in the Water System

    Most modern fountain solutions have an algicide mixed into their formula. If its not enough, you might ask the manufacturer to either mix you a special batch with more in it, or get suggestions from them as to what to use.
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    Low Air Pressure Warning Speedmaster 52

    can you hear any air leaks from the various pneumatic pistons, both in the on and off positions?
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    Gripper Pads falling off.

    What gripper pads are we talking about? Infeed, impression, transfer, or delivery? Are the pads glued from the factory?
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    impression per hour

    Along the same lines, the press manufacturers like to brag on how quick their makeready times are. What they don't tell you, when they demo that new press, with the big stopwatch on the delivery, is that the plates are of a known quality, where all the images have been proven to come right up...
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    impression per hour

    How fast the press cylinders will turn, and how many sheets per hour on average you can put on your floor, are often WAY different figures. It seems that the press manufactures will always quote the presses top running speeds. They will also falsely quote the quickest possible makeready...
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    AB Dick 9870 - Image/Text Dropout?

    try swinging your blanket around to see if its a blanket issue. If it prints better when you swing the blanket you needn't look any further.
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    Exothermic reaction after printing (old songs about the main thing)

    isn't blocking nothing more than an extreme case of setoff? ive seen both happen while the pile is still on the delivery platform.
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    Exothermic reaction after printing (old songs about the main thing)

    Have you never noticed how a pile pulled from the delivery, and sitting off to the side, will often rise in temperature in comparison to the freshly delivered pile? I believe that this temp rise has a pretty direct impact on gas ghosting as well as blocking. This is one of the reasons that on...
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    Exothermic reaction after printing (old songs about the main thing)

    What is it that would have you thinking that load blocking is the only way an exothermic reaction manifests itself?
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    Exothermic reaction after printing (old songs about the main thing)

    I believe this phenomenon to be the major cause of gas ghosting.
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    Dot gain is difference on Perfecting press

    Some might think of it as a coated sheet just by virtue of its smooth surface. Regularly printed 300 line duotone, tritone, along with 4color black and white. Mostly limited edition prints and coffee table art books. I can assure you we encountered differences in surface textures which...
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    Dot gain is difference on Perfecting press

    Why wouldn't anyone be printing fine line screenings on uncoated paper? We used to routinely print fine line duotones and tritones on uncoated sheets. Granted it was supercalendered sheets but last I checked a super calendared sheet was still considered uncoated.
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    Dot gain is difference on Perfecting press

    After a bit of research on this technology you mention I read a paper that touted the benefits of this "twin forming" you speak of. They mention a couple of different benefits to include reducing the "two sidedness" as compared to the older technology which led to the wire vs felt I mentioned...

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