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    Duplo PFI Blade B3 vs Iecho PK 0604

    You might look into getting some acoustic panels that are used in sound studios to dampen the pump noise. If you go that route, pay attention to the vaccuum pump's temperature. Plumbing in a big vaccuum pump from another room sounds like a good idea, but keep in mind that the plumbing would need...
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    Ricoh consumable shortages?

    I have a Xerox Versant 3100 nearing the end of its lease. I'm looking to upgrade and switch vendors due to toner and drum supply issues, with a Ricoh 9200 being at the top of my list. Has Ricoh maintained reliable drum, toner, and replacement parts in 2021 for those of you in North America with...
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    Web Design alongside print

    Does anyone in this forum offer web design services alongside their print offerings? What are the pros and cons? My team does design work and has branched out into stickers, wide format printing, and some sublimation, but I'm looking for more diversification to reduce the volatility from paper...
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    Kyocera 15000c Taskalfa Pro inkjet Feedback

    MCS sells what appears to be the same machine. You might ask them about their support offerings.
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    Supply Chain Issues

    I'm ok on paper and toner for a couple of months, but drum scarcity and quality from Xerox is scary.
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    Xerox Centreware setup

    If you have an EFI Windows 7/8/10 RIP connected, pull up a web browser and connect to
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    Xerox Toner Shortages-Anyone Else Having Problems?

    Xerox CV3100 in Alaska. I haven't had a problem stocking up a couple of months worth of toner, but I usually have to have a service tech place drum orders if I want more than 8.
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    Help with a creaser / folder

    My team usually runs trifolds on 120gsm paper. The inline folder doesn't crease and outputs to a little pullout tray that only holds 25 sheets. It is a hassle to setup too and I regret buying that accessory. If you're in North America, talk to Boggs Equipment or Print and Finishing Systems about...
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    Duplo 646 volume

    How many sheets should a Duplo 646 slitter handle before needing maintenance like new motors, belts, blades, etc?
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    Guillotining Laminated Stocks

    Put some scrap paper or chipboard on the bottom of your stack.
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    Xerox Versant 180- printing Extra Long (CEL) sheets

    Support for sheets longer than 19" ends at ensuring that the sheets will feed. 13x26 capability is more of a marketing gimmick than being useful for reliable volume or consistency with the V3100 and V180.
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    Duplo x45 vs x46 series

    If you get any of them, make sure that the servo motor counters are accurate before signing off on acceptance. A good way to test that is to run a 27up business card job on 13x19 and see if the cards are consistently cut and the same from start to finish of the sheet.
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    Xerox versant 3100

    V3100 for three years. I occasionally report this issue for a service call and techs just swap out the belt or roller that is impacted and we're back to normal. Agreed with the others on bringing up the CED.
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    Outdoor Banner Printing - edge reinforcement

    Fastcap's 1" Speed Tape has worked really well for me for banner seams. It is about $12/roll off of amazon. 13oz Briteline scrim vinyl with speed taped hems and grommets has held up in 100mph winds and sub zero temperatures, but I am not sure on warm temperatures above 100F. I'm using an Epson...
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    Xerox Iridesse Info Needed

    Extra long sheets are only supported via the bypass tray.
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    FusionPro vs Freeform Create...

    Montax Imposer is worth looking at.
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    Envelope Feeder Kit for Versant 2100/3100

    Put a shim under the envelopes on the non-flap side in tray 6 and 7 and you should be able to feed hundreds of envelopes between reloads. If they are jamming after the fuser, tape a piece of plastic or tape over the angled plastic grid just past the fuser.
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    Thoughts on Xerox Versant 3100 ??

    Similiar experience here. When the machine is good its good, but the we seldom can get good solids on non-coated media.
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    Mutoh 1304 and Kona cutter

    Checkout Flexi 19. I think its a $60/m USD subscription.
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    Starting a shop for political printing

    Print Finishing Systems and Boggs Equipment are good places to get used equipment in the US. Are you going to be operating seasonally or year round?

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