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    Anyone use Oki Pro machines?

    I have an Intec CS4000 that's 'engineered' for envelopes. I also have a Konica C3080 with the IQ-501 and SD-513. We bought the Intec because we needed a digital envelope printer. We also have the envelope feeder, conveyor table, and Fiery XF for it. We installed it a couple years before we...
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    KM4070 vs Xerox V280

    Danos - First - Konica's registration tolerance without the IQ is 2mm. To my understanding, this is pretty standard for many manufacturers. They aren't going to guarantee 0mm tolerance for registration as there are so many factors in play. I think they mentioned that paper feeding doesn't play...
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    Packaging posters for shipment - UPS is killing us with special handling charges!!!!

    One of my vendors uses UPS, and they always ship in the triangle tubes. I've never received a crushed tube, but at the same time they're not going cross-country either. We've continued to use FedEx and USPS as our primary shipping methods due to pricing.
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    An Issue of Productivity

    "This could have been an email..." Also...when people call a meeting and talk about everything except what the meeting is supposed to be about.
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    Book making inline/offline/guillotine

    Ynot_UK is right, black clicks on a color press are typically more expensive. I didn't catch the 'mono' part in your additional post. That said, you can get in-line booklet finishers for mono machines as well, but I would hazard a guess that the 'best' ones are reserved to work only with color...
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    Book making inline/offline/guillotine

    It depends on your workload and quantities, what type of flexibility you need, etc. Here's what I've experienced. I run a small in-plant (we also service the local community), and took over at a time when the shop was moving from offset/digital with a larger staff - transitioning to a smaller...
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    How to explain "overprint" to dumb clients?

    @gordo 's example is good. I'd use colored pencils or markers to demonstrate this in real-life. Took me a long time to get our in-house designers to start turning on Overprint Preview in InDesign while they were creating.
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    Photobook Printing Presses

    Indigo is the popular way to go. Shutterfly recently purchased I think either 30 or 60 HP 100k Indigos to expand their operations for photo books. One of my vendors recently installed their own 100k. I had them run a job on it for me as a test to checkout the quality - seriously impressive for a...
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    Repurposing Fiery E-82 Color Controller

    I'm pretty sure the front and top plastic housing pops off, and there's just one single cable connecting the top display/board. I'm guessing you may have access to side panels from there. I'm willing to bet EFI has a there, and you may be pretty limited due to whatever...
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    Exactly what @jwheeler said. You have to let them know you're shopping around, and he is correct about the third-party lease companies.
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    Discontinuing Blazer???

    I just got word today from a paper vendor that Verso is discontinuing 130lb cover for all their paper lines (Sterling, Anthem, Blazer), and weights above 100lb cover may have limited-to-no availability through early 2022 - They have closed several mills though, so that's part of it. Another...
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    Canon C710 v Konica Minolta AccurioPress C4070 v Ricoh Pro C7200sx

    Backing up @Ynot_UK on the vacuum feeder. If you set and lock your side-guides appropriately, they are jam free. The only time I run into an feeding issue is A) one of my staff members has the side-guides too tight, or B) I'm running a synthetic that is loaded with static.
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    Discontinuing Blazer???

    First I've heard of Blazer being discontinued, but not a surprise. I've replaced Blazer with the Platinum line of papers. It's somewhat of a house brand that Lecta manufactures for paper vendors, and from what I've been told it is their Creator Silk / Gloss line rebadged (which used to be Delta...
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    Trouble Getting Heavier Digital Stock

    @Bill Ward I mentioned above the Platinum papers are made by Lecta. I agree - they're great papers and cost-effective too. I've run their silk covers and text, and gloss text. Good all around.
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    Trouble Getting Heavier Digital Stock

    Following up on this topic as I just had a conversation with my paper rep... I was ordering a pallet of Finch copy paper, and he said they won't have it in stock until May 14 - almost 2 weeks out, and most of what they ordered from the mill is already sold. He mentioned at one point a few...
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    Speckled print on Konica C3070

    It's a paper humidity issue. I just replied to this exact same issue on another forum. I've run into it on a variety of stocks before. It has nothing to do with the press humidity, it has everything to do with the climate where the paper is stored. As an example, here's our most recent...
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    Basic creaser?

    I would invest in the manual tabletop creaser for now. Your volumes are low, and in the future if you did end up with some creasing automation - you will still find that manual creaser coming in handy. Regarding automation, we currently have a Graphic Whizard PT 331 SCC. The creasing/perfing...
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    Trouble Getting Heavier Digital Stock

    @Rsias I also run Blazer 110# - I actually think its a great paper. Titan appears to be made by Hansol and is a Korean company. First prints on it actually look great (80lb gloss cover). If you can get ahold of them in your area - check out the Creator brand by Lecta (a European paper - I think...
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    Trouble Getting Heavier Digital Stock

    Some of the mills are having a hard time keeping up. Just a couple days ago I was looking for some 80lb gloss cover in a house brand (made by Lecta). This is usually very easy to get ahold of, and they had to sub Titan for me. I've had to take other substitute papers or just wait for...
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    Konica Minolta C4065 vs C4070

    What @Ynot_UK said. The C4065 is the lightweight version of the C4070/80. I also don't think the higher-end Fiery would be available on the 4065. In my opinion, the PF-707 air-feed trays and the IQ-501 are well worth it.

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