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    Toner supply issue

    Hi, We have leased a KM C6085 from a local Canadian KM dealer a few months ago and love using it. In fact it's running almost all day with long jobs. The problem we're running into though is that we need to keep asking for toner, and it's becoming a real issue between us and the KM dealer...
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    Custom machinery for cutting/drilling card stock

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone might be able to recommend a company which could custom build a machine for cutting/drilling/sorting either 12x18 or 13x19 card stock into a singular size? Or, if anyone knows of a ready to use machine which could do the job. Presently, we are using a large rotary...
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    Digitally printed micro perforated sheets

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience running 13x19 sheets of 12pt c2s cardstock with micro perforations in a digital printer, such as a Canon or Ricoh? Specifically, did the sheets go through the printer without tearing or jamming and did the printing quality come out as desired? Thank you
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    Best digital printer for cardstock

    Hi, Our printshop is new to digital printing and I was hoping maybe someone could indicate what might be a good choice for large run b/w printing of white cardstock from a weight of 12pt up to 16 pt, c1s and c2s, both in simplex and duplex printing, using 13x19 sheets, at a reasonable click...

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