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  1. Digi_Wiz

    Speckled print on Konica C3070

    I'd try to adjust your transfer settings and weight. +15 transfer is a good place to start if it continues that way its likely the quality of the paper of you will need to have a technician come to make sure your drums and developer are within lifespan.
  2. Digi_Wiz

    Konica Minolta c6000 print speeds

    We get about 24 (12x18 Duplex) per min. on a KM c6100
  3. Digi_Wiz

    The Updated Job Interview

    Which is which though? :unsure:
  4. Digi_Wiz

    Dark Streaks in Black only

    Change the corona.
  5. Digi_Wiz

    HELP with a print problem!!!

    Are you using Adobe PDF Print Engine Preferred?
  6. Digi_Wiz

    Konica Minolta 1085 ghosted image on prints

    Reduce heat and or weight. Should clear up the issue we used to have major ghosting issues on a certain #80 gloss cover job we ran.
  7. Digi_Wiz

    Toner adhesion problems

    Have you tried kicking your transfer settings way up? We run alot of Mohawk Everyday Digital and have never had this issue besides cracking, which we fixed by prescoring before folding. Don't let your tech tell you it's just the paper that is a very common digital stock!
  8. Digi_Wiz

    Streaky prints from Konica C3070. Any ideas on a fix?

    Can you upload of picture of the problem?
  9. Digi_Wiz

    Tips or Tricks for printing digitally on textured stocks.

    jwheeler We imported our catalogues from our previous machine, I will definitely reach out to our service tech to get some of those factory default catalogues. Thank you!
  10. Digi_Wiz

    Tips or Tricks for printing digitally on textured stocks.

    In our shop I run two KM c6100, typically when I am running a textured stock (felt,linen,stipple,etc.) I will turn my transfer settings up +30 and my heat +15 it gets a decent result. I was wondering if anyone else has come up with a better solution for getting the toner to fuse in the recesses...

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