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  1. wonderings

    Wide format RIP suggestions for home use?

    I am contemplating what to do with an aging RIP. I use Fiery XF 6.2 for my Epson 9900. Had a family print shop, a few years ago we merged with a larger company and I decided rather then sell I would keep the Epson and RIP and use it as home. So not looking to spend a fortune for printing for...
  2. wonderings

    Find Fiery XF password?

    I have an Epson 9900 at home and Fiery XF 6.2. I have not needed to setup a new client in years... till now. I am stuck at the password to connect with a new client. It is not saved in my keychain on any of my Macs. Does anyone know what the default password is or how I can go about finding or...
  3. wonderings

    How to access inks in Epson 9900

    I have an Epson 9900 at home for personal use. Left over equipment from our family business when we merged with another company. I was going to use some aftermarket inks to keep the price down as it really just makes posters and cards for nephews and nieces and family prints every now and then...
  4. wonderings

    Off brand inks for Epson 9900?

    I have an Epson 9900 I took home with me when our family business merged with a larger print shop. I don't do a whole lot with it other then print some posters for nieces and nephews birthdays. Looking to save some money on inks as the Epson branded stuff is a pretty penny especially when there...
  5. wonderings

    Any reason to buy non Epson inks?

    Had a sales guy in today and he gave us some pricing on ink for our Epson 9900. Now I have never used non Epson inks. Is there any reason to avoid on Epson branded ink? This is for our Epson 9900.
  6. wonderings

    Kodak Sonora X plates?

    Our service guy was in dealing with an issue we had with our CTP today and he mentioned some new Kodak Plates. Doing a little research I found the new Kodak Sonora X plates. Apparently they can be imaged faster and some other little positives. Anyone switch from Sonora XP to these new X plates...
  7. wonderings

    Corel coming back to the Mac

    Just read this on CNET and it looks like Corel is taking a stab at the Mac market again after 20 years. Will definitely try out the demo out of curiosity but doubt I would ever adopt it for real work. Found Corel on PC worked way to differently then Adobe, made cross use frustrating...
  8. wonderings

    high school text book mixed media - best way to print?

    We have a new client, a local high school and will be printing some of their text books and coil binding. That part is all straightforward. I am trying to figure out the best way to print this. Will be printing 2 up on 11 x 17, the issue/confusion comes because of the amount of different colour...
  9. wonderings

    blotchy bue and green on Versant 2100

    Have a 11 x 8.5 brochure (2 up, 4/4) I am trying to print on our Versant 2100. Printing on a Lynx 70lb text uncoated 104 gsm long grain sheet 13 x 19. There is a heavy blue and green bar that is coming out blotchy. The blue is far worse. Makeup of the blue is 88C 64M 0Y 0K I have tried playing...
  10. wonderings

    Set DC260 to only print in black?

    I have an old DC260 that used to be a production machine years ago. Now all it does is print emails. The magenta colour drum is gone and leaving magenta streaks all over the paper when it prints anything with colour, which is most emails. I do not want to shell out money for a new drum just for...
  11. wonderings

    No more single adobe stock photo purchases?!

    I need to buy one image and the image I want is from Adobe Stock. Great, used this before and prices are reasonable from Adobe. I do not buy a lot of photos so never made sense to be on a plan. Well it now looks like Adobe no longer is interested in my one time purchase. Trying to buy the...
  12. wonderings

    2 sided status shell but only 1 side data merge - Command workstation

    I have a letter that is full colour 2 sided. The data marge is a name and address on the front page only. I saved my shell as a PDF and dropped in Command Workstation. I then made a PDF with he variable data from Indesign. I only did 1 page, no blank back. Dropped the variable PDF into Command...
  13. wonderings

    100% K photoshop PDF prints murky

    Had a customer email in a PDF business card file this morning. As always I checked out the colours, it is supposed to be one colour black. Of course file is set 100% CMYK. I convert to 1 colour black 100% in acrobat (latest update). When printing I notice the black does not look that great. I...
  14. wonderings

    what prints on duratrans?

    Had a customer who is a local artist ask if we printed on duratran. I gave a blank stare for a moment as I racked my brain for what that was and had no clue. She gave me a brief explanation and I did google it. What I did not find is what prints on this material. We have an Epson 9900 and a new...
  15. wonderings

    Onyx RIPs and Mac?

    We will be buying a wide format eco solvent printer soon. Still comparing Mutoh to Epson in this category. Both come with an Onyx RIP. I cannot find anything about Mac support on their website and assuming it is Windows only. I will originally planning on bringing in my MacBook Pro to use for...
  16. wonderings

    Mutoh ValueJet 1642X thoughts or reviews?

    We have gotten a quote on a Mutoh ValueJet 1642X and an Epson S40600. The Mutoh is cheaper and a good product from what we have seen. I have heard some grumblings online about Mutoh but never any real specific issues with the Mutoh brand or model. Can anyone give me any serious cons of the...
  17. wonderings

    eco solvent wide format question

    We have slowly, very slowly, been shopping around for a wide format to do some sign and that type of work. Originally a dealer was recommending Mutoh Mutoh Valuejet 1624 Since we started looking at that Epson came out with the S-Series and...
  18. wonderings

    GMP Qtopic 380 and Exceltopic 380 thoughts and reviews?

    So we have been looking at getting a laminator to do some coating for business cards. Sales guy showed us these two units from GMP. The QTOPIC 380 and ExcelTopic 380. We have zero experience with laminators and do not know any of the brands. Anyone have any reviews on either of these models...
  19. wonderings

    laminator for soft touch nylon and the like?

    We find we are doing more and more cards and other things with the soft touch nylon. We outsource this finishing to another printer at the moment but are looking to bring it in house. I have zero experience with this. Any recommendations on hardware? Pretty much everything we have down right now...
  20. wonderings

    Command Workstation 6.... missing features?

    I have Command Workstation 6 installed on my iMac at work, I use it to test before upgrading anything major like directly onto the RIP for our Versant 2100. Today I wanted to look at some of my spot colours, but noticed I cannot find it anywhere in Command Workstation 6. Previous version I go to...

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