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    Xerox 3100 vs Ricoh 9200

    Hi all, I've had a look around the forums trying to compare Xerox 3100 vs Ricoh 9200. We're a mailhouse with a fairly dynamic output, we clear anywhere between 20k impressions on a slow day to well over 150k A4 impressions daily. We're looking at switching out 14x KM c1100s and a few ageing KM...
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    Variable booklets + extra data matched components - help

    Hi all, We're starting to dip our toes into variable booklet making. The run volumes can vary wildly, from 20 booklets to 200,000 booklets. Let's say we need to produce 20,000 16 page A4 (i.e. 4x SRA3 sheets) self cover saddle stapled booklets. The artwork has full edge bleed. Each page of...
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    Visual Basic or some kind of script help

    A client has sent through an extremely advanced MS excel file - I can't upload it for privacy reasons, but it's basically a spreadsheet that generates a report with graphs, charts and data based on what you select from a from a drop-down list. I select "X" from the list and a swanky report with...

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