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    how to design a logo in word

    I've seen a customer design a business card in Excel and it was actually decent lol
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    We are a small shop and we're still trying to boost the volume to web to print orders. I'd say we have about 5 active customers on our system and maybe 40-50 products in total. It's not like we get a huge amount but most of it is business cards and letterheads which are easily customizable with...
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    Good to know! I only know what I've seen in demos so you're right about getting user feedback. In that case, sounds like we've made a good choice then lol. Well I can honestly say I've only truly experienced 1 bug and it was sent to development within the week. It's been several weeks since...
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    OffsetStorefront: Great question! I don't mind answering them at all. Is there anything you wish worked a little bit better about Pressero? I know no system is perfect but the shortcomings/types of issues you deal with can say a lot about the maturity of the product (or not). This product...
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    i can provide some feedback as a current user of Aleyant's Pressero and edocBuilder. I am the IT/prepress specialist and therefore fairly knowledgeable about software and technology. Our shop switched over about a year ago and so far the software has been great! Before switching we demoed a...
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    Best business card order portal

    If you're looking for a really good web to print system, Aleyant's Pressero and edocBuilder is the way to go. I've been using their system for about a year and it's great. It's got a lot of modern features, has the capability to integrate with other software. Not to mention the technical support...
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    USPS List Prep Question

    Yep we take them out. Honestly, it's a win for the customer since there's a high chance that they'd be wasting postage on pieces that would never make it to their actual destination. Creating that relationship with the customer and sending out mail that is more likely to reach their recipients...
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    Variable Data Printing Software - Need Feedback

    HAH! You know what, I just did the exact same thing that I did before and I didn't get any errors. Maybe it was caused on my end. Looks like it's working now. As for the document, I spoke too soon. You got it right with the bleed box. I had the size of the document typed out differently so when...
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    Variable Data Printing Software - Need Feedback

    I gave this a quick try since I'm always interested in software for the printing industry. This is a really cool idea! Just based on what I've try so far, here's a couple things I noticed: 1) Got some error messages trying to delete variable data fields 2) Uploading a csv file and image in the...
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    Receipts for Mailing

    We're currently in the process of trying to simplify our billing process. Currently for postage and mailing jobs, we are currently sending our customers the postage report that we generate when we presort the mail as proof of mailing. But for stamps, apparently some clients want proof that we...
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    Indesign help

    I've done quite a bit of InDesign scripting myself and what you've stated definitely sounds possible. Just reviewing what everyone else has said, here's a couple of thoughts: 1) I would create a script that loops through all files in a folder and processes the script to do batch processing 2)...
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    Calculating Weight and Thickness for Mail Pieces - Free Software

    Hey all! I've been working on a personal project that has helped me in my current job. I work in a prepress department and process mailing lists on a regular basis. One of the most annoying things for me is having to make a dummy of the mail piece with the exact paper and envelope so I can get...
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    Web2Print Results...

    I also work for a small printer that uses web to print for some of our customers. We are currently using PageDNA and it's been great. Web2print allows our customers to submit those repetitive jobs such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes. Oftentimes ordering it that way is just as fast as...
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    Epson Stylus Pro 7900 problems . . . .

    Definitely could be clogged printhead. I'd probably try doing the printhead adjustment as well. Dust is probably unlikely cause but the printheads can get damaged. Epson parts and service are usually expensive and they are, in my experience, harder to fix. The large format HP printers are...
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    Determining G7 Solid Ink Densities for Coated/Uncoated Papers

    I've been reading through all of the available G7 how to documentation available and there's still two things that I can't seem to find definitive answers about. So this is a two part questions: 1) During the calibration press run, I know that LAB values are used to measure the individual...
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    Preps 6 - Cannot map colors in JDF

    Anyone that is using Preps 6, perhaps you can weigh in on this... I'm using Preps 6 but when I print to JDF to export for plates, I select the PDF mapping option in the "General Settings." When I click on the "Color Separations" tab, I cannot deselect colors manually. For instance, if I want to...
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    iGen 4 color settings

    Arosetti, Thanks for your reply! I should have clarified that while we are looking to improve our color accuracy, it's not that crazy with the monitor profile. You're obviously right about simulating the profile on a calibrated monitor to achieve the closest match. I was more referring to what...
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    iGen 4 color settings

    Hi all, looking to see if anyone out there has been having success with color management on their iGen 4 would be willing to share what settings they use to produce the most accurate prints that match a calibrated monitor. Thanks, Justin
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    Automated Imposition with Nexus?

    Hello, I'm currently working for a commercial print shop that utilizes offset and digital. We are currently using EPMS as our MIS and Nexus 10.1 as our preflight workflow software. I'm looking to set up the workflow so that it's completely automated (minus having to make manual corrections to...
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    Booklets Won't Lay Flat

    Please help! I new to printing booklets and I'm having a little trouble with them staying flat. I'm currently printing a booklet that's 8.5" tall by 6" wide. The cover is printed on 120LB Gloss Cover with a ~2mil soft touch lamination. There are 6 inside sheets that were printed on 100LB...

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