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  1. nick.dring

    Canon C710 v Konica Minolta AccurioPress C4070 v Ricoh Pro C7200sx

    Hi there, We are changing our production printer this year in our in-house digital print centre. This is our shortlist. We've had demo's of the Canon and KM and the print technicians prefer the Canon UI over the KM but quality-wise they are both very good. Being an internal print centre we...
  2. nick.dring

    Demo-ing Flatbeds and Hybrid

    Hi, no we just had CMYK plus white and varnish but they did say that we could have it with LM and LC but they reckoned it wasn't needed. Your comments are very interesting. I'll have to think a little about my next step! Thanks.
  3. nick.dring

    Demo-ing Flatbeds and Hybrid

    We tested the Signracer 1600 HD Hybrid with the Gen 5s 2.5pl. We have a controlled environment in both terms of humidity and temperature. When we ran the demo we were printing for a few hours solid without any issues. The Agfa I think costs a lot more than I have to spend.
  4. nick.dring

    Demo-ing Flatbeds and Hybrid

    Going on our demos the best quality prints came from the Signracer HD, EFI 1625, Roland Versa UV and Mimaki JFX200-2531 Flatbed. However the Roland is much slower than the EFI or the Signracer. Makker, your comments are worrying, one of my own doubts is the support as they aren't (yet) a big...
  5. nick.dring

    Demo-ing Flatbeds and Hybrid

    As it happens, tomorrow I'm having a demo of precisely that machine!
  6. nick.dring

    Mikami UCJV300

    Hi, we demoed this new UV LED roll to roll and we were very impressed with the quality even at draft speeds. (25m2/h) Anyone out there got one?
  7. nick.dring

    Demo-ing Flatbeds and Hybrid

    Thanks guys, I haven't heard of CET in europe. The quality of the Fuji isn't up to those machines with iGen5 heads.
  8. nick.dring

    Demo-ing Flatbeds and Hybrid

    Thanks for the reply! Haven't heard of CET - maybe they don't operate in Europe, but I've contacted them anyway. Thanks!
  9. nick.dring

    Demo-ing Flatbeds and Hybrid

    Hi, This year I'll be purchasing a hybrid and/or a flatbed. We want UV LED - so far we have tested. SignRacer HD - Impressive machine - but its not a well known name or I'm worried about technical support. Anyone own a SignRacer? FujiFilm Acuity - Signracer much better quality prints - didn't...
  10. nick.dring

    Xerox Versant 80 v Ricoh C7100X which is the better machine?

    we have had a KM C1070 for 3 years and in the most part its been a good buy. This year we will change it for a either a KM C71HC, Ricoh C7100 or Canon C750. My take is the Canon prints the best image it also beats the KM at printing on difficult papers and it also prints on most envelopes where...
  11. nick.dring

    What machines should I see at Drupa?

    Hi all, At Drupa i'm looking to replace my KM 1070 we have had for two years. It has had its problems but an in all it's been a good buy. I plan to go see KM, Ricoh, Sharp and probably HP and Xerox. I have a requirement though which knocks out a few machines from being considered which is that...
  12. nick.dring

    KM c1070 - printing on textured paper

    we have a 1070 and we haven't ever run textured paper but your KM dealer should be able to help you, in some cases we get machine specific settings from the paper merchant.
  13. nick.dring

    KM 1075 / 1085 vs. Xerox Versant 80 vs Ricoh C7100

    Hi we run a C1070. This June it will be two years. It's been pretty trouble free apart from a static issue that was resolved with a change to the hardware and a new fuser that resolved an issue printing envelopes. As we are an internal print center we are the client so we can afford the time to...
  14. nick.dring

    I need help please, I need to choose between Xerox C75 and Konica Minolta C1070

    I just ordered a KM c1070 a few weeks ago. I looked at the 70hc and to be honest the high chroma thing I see as a bit of a gimmick as I'm interested in colour fidelity. I auditioned The ricoh 5100s the Sharp MX6500N. Xerox didn't have an offering that print banner size I need. The Sharp was a...

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