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    Suprasetter Subscription

    Hi, can you give me an indication as to how?
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    ctp purchase

    Hi there, Sorry for asking but do you have the CTP's or are you looking for advice on purchasing. For technical support I can definitely help. I'm available to help out on either option. Best regards
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    Issue with Heidelberg Suprasetter A74 Imagesetter

    If you still need assistance, contact me at
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    ctp purchase

    You can contact me on and we can go into a bit of detail if you wish. I'm based in Johannnesburg, South Africa
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    line on the plate

    Hi Steve, did you eventually come right? I can assist with Plate setups remotely via TeamViewer. It is a very simple process.
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    Suprasetter Subscription

    Only really necessary if you've opted to trade in your dongle and now are on pay as you use option. If your license server (physical) dongle is still part of your system you should be OK
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    Suprasetter A106 - Diode Failure

    I suggest that you look at refurbished module, certainly not as expensive as new from Heidelberg. If you had a maintenance contract this laser module would be under warranty. This is usually longer than three years
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    suprasetter a106 laser problem

    Have you tried resetting the diodes?

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