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    Workflow management software

    Sorry if it has been asked again but can not seem to find answers. Is there any software that you use on your daily workflow? We are a small print shop of 3 people and we are straggling everyday to organize from offering to client to shipping the goods. Meaning pricing, proofing, assigning the...
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    Basic Imposition Software

    I ve been using Montax for a year now and has saved my life. To be fair I have no experience with other programs in order to compare
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    Help with Polygraph Brehmer 39 sewing machine

    Is anyone by anychance has a manual of this machine or anything that can help on operating/maintaining? I would be gratfull. I am a digital printing shop (and vintage machine lover) and I am close to buy one Thanks
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    "Waves" in the book pages.

    So right. It will take days to regain its moisture but it will be ok. The problem is with customers patience
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    Online print market place, is there any?

    Thanks again. Push you have a point but I think that the relation still remains. I may not explained well the use of the platform (since I only can imagine it). I believe that as a professional it would be for my profit to have something where everyday offer requests pop up.
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    Online print market place, is there any?

    The scope of the platform may not be nececerilly to undercut prices (there are ways not to unveil who gives what price) but to give more choices to the buyer. Also for the professional a place to find new clients
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    Online print market place, is there any?

    Thank you for the answer. So it is focused only at goverment work. In other markets like transportation there is sites like where the client post the job that is interested in and gets offers from the professionals
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    Online print market place, is there any?

    First time writing here but regular reader I have a digital shop and I would like to know if there is any global online (or by country) print market place where customers and print professionals meet. Like an online market where customers input their work and we as professionals make offers...

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