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  1. fiatlux

    Feedback On Our New Product ? Vegan Leather Business Cards

    I hope the OP realizes that Spam is not vegan.
  2. fiatlux

    Environmentally Conscious

    Must have attended the recent COP(out)26 in Glasgow!
  3. fiatlux

    The Rush Job

    Wouldn't those conditions mean that the shop couldn't run any jobs rush or regular?
  4. fiatlux

    Humor in the Bindery

    I think this thread is bound to get many punny responses!
  5. fiatlux

    Service Call

    That’s what it feels like.
  6. fiatlux

    Diversity in Hiring

    I don’t think he got the message.
  7. fiatlux

    Following Guidelines

    This cartoon certainly explains the “reasoning” of the people I see around me who wear face masks the way she wears the mask in the last panel. LOL
  8. fiatlux

    We Don’t Preflight

    Nah, no one in their right mind would ever say something like that about Covid testing LOL ;-)
  9. fiatlux

    Some Jobs

    Some jobs just seem cursed. Only an exorcist may have a chance to put things to right.
  10. fiatlux

    Error Code E4e03 ptr4300s

    Is that the Hibachi X Setter?
  11. fiatlux

    Team Building Goes Wrong

    I think the team building is happening at the headquarters of the SCRABBLE Corp!
  12. fiatlux

    Label Calculator

    It appears that you've put the cart before the horse.
  13. fiatlux

    Plate Sales Strategy

    Now I know why we print with those crappy plates!
  14. fiatlux

    Interesting study from Ryerson University on expanded color gamut printing.

    When I produce an EG image to be placed in InDesign (or whichever) I have to supply it as an eps DCS file. That has an image file to place in the app and separate grey scale images for each of the colors that make up the final composite image. i.e. 5, 6, 7, 8 image files. The RIP screens each of...
  15. fiatlux

    Interesting study from Ryerson University on expanded color gamut printing.

    Sorry, that makes no sense to me. Are you talking about what an inkjet does? If you take a single RGB channel (which is greyscale) it is 1/3 the megapixel size of the RGB image. If you take a single CMYK channel (which is greyscale) it is 1/4 the megapixel size of the CMYK image. CMYK image...
  16. fiatlux

    Interesting study from Ryerson University on expanded color gamut printing.

    Could you elaborate/clarify? I was under the impression that RGB, CMYK, and CMYK+X,X,X images were actually composites of greyscale images. So the RIP just screens the tone values in each channel when doing the final separations. AFAIK L*a*b* is not involved. When creating images to be printed...
  17. fiatlux

    Help with mbo problems

    The OP is in Glasgow. English may not be his preferred language.
  18. fiatlux

    Paper is not dead (yet)

    I wonder if any of the posters on this thread, except Erik, actually viewed the video or are just responding to the post heading.
  19. fiatlux

    The Need for Innovation

    Aren't you supposed to stretch a dollar not squeeze it? LOL At this time of year I could do with a bit of creative accounting myself ;-)

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