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    Duplo 646 and crack n peel

    Just received the Duplo 646 last week, great machine. We do several jobs with crack n peel labels and I wonder if we could use the Duplo. Wondering if we will get the sticky mess that we get using the guillotine? Usually only 20-100 sheets at a time. Thanks for any input.
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    Duplo 150CR question

    Looking to purchase a Duplo 150CR, and get away with buying the inline finishers. But we do an odd booklet and I wonder if someone who owns on can clarify it will work. It is 8 1/2 x 11 letter 4 sheets folded but not stapled, is booklets without staples doable? Thanks for any input.
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    UV Coating question

    Recently we saw a VividCoater XDC530 from Graphics Whizard, thought it was a cool option that we don't have, and it would be a plus for covers on books. I run/work in the in-plant for my County government, and there are 2 other employees, and space is tight, but a move may be in the horizon...
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    Suppplies for Neopost AS-950C

    Anyone have a supplier for the ink for this machine? Purchased a set in September for $685, now the dealer wants $1360, I checked online at Neopost and they want $990. So much for being cheaper supplies than the Okidata C9650 I had.
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    downsize from Xerox dc5000c to 2 Xerox 700?

    Due to budget reductions (County government in-plant) my Department Manager is suggesting downsizing from a dc5000(had for almost 3 years) with a standard booklet maker to 2 of the 700's. I print a lot of business cards, brochures and several monthly newsletters that I use the booklet maker for...
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    Xante/ PSI Engineering vs OKi 9650/straight Shooter

    Over the last couple of weeks I have been reading through all the threads regarding the Xanti, PSI and just going with the Oki 9650 and buying the Straight Shooter. What I haven't found is someone who actually has bought the Oki and feeder. I have been looking for a replacement for a Ricoh...

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