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    Adobe Color Management switches unexpectedly to Fogra 39

    I'm experiencing a strange behaviour in my Color Management: I'm using Adobe Bridge 2022 to make sure all my Adobe apps are using the same color management: GWG2015_CMYK_CC_sRGB_ISOCoatedv2-300.csf which uses ISO Coated V2 300% (ECI) for the CMYK. (please see screenshot 1) InDesign (17.0.1)...
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    Spot Color Black has different values

    Hi! I get this error 'Spot color "Black" has different values', but there's no spot colors in my document? Running actions 'change all to CMYK' and 'Change Specific Color' have no results. Please see screenshot.
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    Lowres PDF with just text still very large (MB)

    Hi, This is really puzzling me: I make a lowers pdf (with the setting 'Smallest File Size') of a page that's just text - and the pdf is still 13 MB? You can find this testpage here Thanks!
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    Enfocus Navigator Window popping up

    Is there a way to prevent the Enfocus Navigator Window popping up after a Quickrun? In prefs I can only chose to either show the Navigator, or the Preflight Rapport. I want neither, just the green checkmark, that can opt to click, not a window I'm forced to close every time.
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    Automatically ZIP fonts folder when making an InDesign package

    Hi guys. When making an InDesign package, I have the habit of zipping the Document Fonts folder before placing it on on external server (or ftp). Fonts easily go broken when transferring. Is there a way of automatically zipping this fonts folder when making the package?

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