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  1. Zerge

    Rubber for varnishing. Cutting technology and cutting plotter.

    Hello, colleagues. With the development of production and with increasing requirements (the tolerance is no longer 1 mm, but 0.5 mm for many cases) for applying varnish, I began to switch to new types of rubber for this varnish. And if earlier the printer did cut out the necessary places (glue...
  2. Zerge

    Looking for cip3 software

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a cip3 software, that works with composite pdf's. .. What I have: Harleqin rip without cip3 plugin and PressPerCent for generate CIP3's. But PreressPerCent doesn't work with spot colors in composite pdf's. Without spot colors there are no problems — one...
  3. Zerge

    Software for Valiani cutter

    Hello! We have a mat cutter Valiani Mat pro cmc iX with native software Future mat designer. We use it to check boxes before designing a die cuts or for a prior approval with the customer. Strange, uncomfortable program: only 3 passepartout, very low number of cutting-creasing lines — I can't...

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