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    INGEDE Symposium on ecolabels, changing quality of paper for recycling, recyclability on March 2nd ONLINE

    It has been a challenging year. A lot of events have become virtual, and this year it is no different for us: Our annual INGEDE Symposium will be online in 2021 on March 2nd. The corona crisis has also affected the paper industry. But we are looking forward: The next important issue is our...
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    Indigo printing is a plastic film

    Try to find the requirements for this label. I ended up on a Chinese website. All I find about the criteria is the footer in a 2012 release (and that refers to cartridges and imaging oil, not to prints): "The Green Leaf Mark certifies that a products conform to multiple existing environmental...
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    Indigo printing is a plastic film

    Well, actually as I read it Indigo can neither be composted as it is plastic -- a polyethylene film. It is just a matter of exploiting these rules for "OK Compost" requiring that 90 % of the organic material has to be turned into CO2 within six months. So now take an Indigo print, that is 99.8 %...
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    HP admits that Indigo prints "disrupt recycling"

    Agree with you, gordo and Puch. Print products have changed from being homogeneous, from standard prints in offset and gravure, towards a lot of different products with additional varnishes, new inks, or completely different processes. The recycling industry has not changed? This is a frequent...
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    No Jackets Required

    Well, I hope everybody who thinks about going UV also knows about the problems -- prints with UV-curable inks are not deinkable, on the contrary, they create severe problems in the paper recycling process. Overprint has to be kept strictly separate from other graphic paper to be recycled for...
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    HP Indigo Deinkable?

    Hi everybody, I had not seen that earlier, still a late reply: Even if it would work in an "expensive" process, it would have to be kept separate (by labelling it?) and only directed into that special process; standard mills do have a severe problem and carefully avoid it by checking the...
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    HP Indigo Deinkable?

    Hm. I know of photobook printers that have significant amounts of printer waste, with all the Indigo-specific cleaning and calibration sheets adding to the usual damaged stuff. You're right, the end users will not know. But printers at least in Europe are advised to keep Indigo separate from...
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    HP Indigo Deinkable?

    HP Indigo is NOT deinkable. HP Indigo is NOT deinkable. Sorry, I just accidentally saw this thread today. No, Indigo ElectroInk is not deinkable. Even in small amounts it is a potent source of ink specks in the deinking process for new graphic paper or even toilet paper. And the deinking...

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