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  1. rich apollo

    PDF file size limit?

    I'm working on a project involving some very large document sizes. InDesign packages could contain from 6-700MB to over 3GB of data. That's a single page with 4 or 5 images. We're working these on a Mac Pro with 6 cores, 96GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD hard drive with InDD CS6. We're also working on an...
  2. rich apollo

    Discussions about color on NPR

    NPR just did a series of articles and interviews about color: Color Decoded: Stories That Span The Spectrum : NPR
  3. rich apollo

    i1 Display Pro

    We're overstocked on i1 Display Pros, so we're offering them at a discount. Regular price is $269. I can sell these for $225 (plus shipping). These are brand new units in the boxes.
  4. rich apollo

    Pantone Plus Swatch Book documents

    I've updated the swatch book documents I built several years back. These now contain the Pantone Plus colors. All the colors are spot, defined in Lab. There are no profiles present. Don't worry if it looks like the colors are not spot in Acrobat. There's a limit of 27 spot colors that can be...
  5. rich apollo


    Looking for some feedback from the community on installations for neutralizing the effluent from plate processors. I'm not satisfied with my current solution and I'd like to know what's working well for folks out there.
  6. rich apollo


    I have two DTP-41s that I'd like to sell. One has a USB interface, one has a Windows serial interface. Make an offer. You can contact me directly at richard(dot)apollo(at)okoffset(dot)com.
  7. rich apollo

    Two Wisconsin ovens

    I have two Wisconsin ovens to sell; model SPC-HD-54-L/125. 56" throat, 54" chain. 550º F max, 480 volt 3-phase power, 35 amps. They have been kept under service agreement throughout their service. Make an offer. You can contact me directly at richard(dot)apollo(at)okoffset(dot)com.
  8. rich apollo

    couple of DTP-41's

    I've got a couple of DTP-41 strip reading spectros that I don't need. One has the serial/RS-232 interface, the other is USB. Anybody interested?
  9. rich apollo

    Multi-channel support

    Hmm. Interesting. Photoshop supports multi-channel profiles (since CS4), but neither InDesign, Acrobat, nor Illustrator will support the resulting image. Is there something I'm missing?
  10. rich apollo

    A complaint

    I really hate the Canon ads that are on Print Planet right now. I'm always rolling over the darn thing trying to scroll down, and then it enlarges and then I have to close it. I appreciate their support of Print Planet, but that ad is very annoying. Maybe if the ads appeared on the left side of...
  11. rich apollo

    PitStop taking FOREVER to start up

    I've recently seen a change in PitStop. It's taking a very long time to start up - like hit the head and grab a cup of coffee kind of long. I can't tell what it's doing. I think it's trying to connect to some outside server to check the registration status, but I can't be sure. If anybody can...
  12. rich apollo

    mechanical ghosting

    A question regarding mechanical ghosting. If your ink form were the same diameter as your plate cylinder, wouldn't mechanical ghosting be eliminated? If this is correct, why have offset presses evolved the way they have, with multiple small form rollers?
  13. rich apollo

    RGB images and shadows

    Working with a client who wants to keep their imagery RGB. "Great," I say. Doing the conversions isn't a problem, but all the images are product shots in which they've removed the backgrounds and built synthetic shadows. I suggested building the shadows in InDesign using a shape and the feather...
  14. rich apollo

    Preps Updates

    Anybody know where Kodak moved the Preps update installers? Can't find 'em on their website anymore. Trying to find the v5.3 updater for Windows.
  15. rich apollo

    Acrobat won't convert elements tagged with ICC profiles

    It appears that the Convert Colors tool, in Acrobat, won't convert elements that are tagged with an ICC profile - even if you've selected "Calibrated" colors to be converted. It also seems that Preflight won't do this either. Why would those elements be excluded? Am I missing something on how...
  16. rich apollo

    Issue with hard returns in PDFs

    We get A LOT of PDFs from various Windows apps (Word, Publisher and the like) that contain numerous hard returns. Think of hitting a bunch of returns to move the type insertion point down the page. The problem that arises is that the font used for the returns is not embedded. So, of course it...
  17. rich apollo

    "Critical parser failure: Color space resource missing"

    This is an error I'm getting on some PDFs. Anybody know what it means? I can't troubleshoot it until I know what it's talking about. These have been exported out of InDesign CS4, for what it's worth.
  18. rich apollo

    Acrobat's Preflight and saving preferences

    I was testing/playing around with some Preflight functions the other day and came up with a question. I was using Preflight to reseparate some files - to change the black generation and TAC. After the files were run through the Preflight routine some images appeared to have a much greater...
  19. rich apollo

    Memory leak or font problem in Acrobat 9

    Found a strange one in Acrobat. If you look at the attached files you'll see the identical file as viewed in Acrobat 8 and Acrobat 9. "Use local fonts" is turned off in each. Guess which way it came out of the RIP. I cannot find where Acrobat 9 is pulling the font from. The fonts all seem to be...
  20. rich apollo

    Acrobat 9 Convert Spot Colors

    In Acrobat 8 I could use the Convert Colors dialogue to convert spot colors. Acrobat 9 indicates that the functionality is there, but it's not converting for me. It appears that the Ink Manager is the only way to convert spot colors to process. 1) Am I missing something? I'm setting up a...

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